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I-Chia Chiu

I-Chia Chiu is a MFA in Playwriting candidate in the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin. She received her BA in English from National Chengchi University. In her home country Taiwan, she developed plays as a producer, director, and playwright with Stumbling Ostrich, a theatre group she helped found in Taiwan. Her recent projects include Collective Trance (after she stopped eating bananas), produced in Taipei Fringe Festival in 2015 and Waterfowl Paradise, produced in 2016 and with this play, Chiu was selected for the New Artists Funding Program by The Ministry of Culture in Taiwan.

Upcoming Projects:
Songs of Clay-Made Birds
Chiu is now working in collaboration with Tomoto Theatre, a group based in Hong Kong. It is documentary-theatre-based project, which include stories from people from different ages, exploring young love, regrets, decisions, dreams, and how people see their current life and their past. It also provides immersive theatre experience and contains intimate interaction with audience, inviting people to share stories of their own in this piece.

The Chronicles of Cannibals
This project is a satire that explores how capitalism and consumerism function as cannibalism in postmodern society. It is a story with multiple narratives of a lonely cook book writer, aliens, pigs, sea squirts, and several aboriginals from New Guinea.

Go Catch a Jackalope
Go Hunt a Jackalope tells a story of a man who fantasizes himself as a jackalope, a mixed creature of two species, the rabbit and the deer. The jackalope, a mythical creature originated in the urban legends in Northern America, serves as a symbol of mixed identities of different cultures. What is home to us? Who are we? Where do we come from? These are the questions posed by this play.