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William Glick

William Glick's plays include Kin Folk (World Premiere The New Colony, 2016), Wilma (PlayPenn Semi-Finalist, 2016), and Faggot Dolls (Workshop Production Cohen New Works Festival, 2015). His new play, The Bigot, will be part of the UTNT Showcase in Austin this March. He is currently a finalist for the 2016 Heideman Award. He has developed his work with several Chicago theater companies including Northlight, The House, The New Colony, First Floor, and Chicago Dramatists. He also worked as an assistant dramaturg on the world premieres of Detroit and The Etiquette of Vigilance at Steppenwolf. He is interested in making theater that depicts three-dimensional right wing characters, openly explores conservative thought, and dramatizes the beauty and perils of nostalgia. His other interests include malls, musicals, and constitutional law. He is a James Michener Fellow at the University of Texas-Austin (MFA 2017).

Select Plays:
The Bigot (4M/3W)
When Simon Levinson accuses his father of being a bigot, he must confront a series of larger challenges, including the polarization of American politics and how to make his boyfriend love him. Taking place over the Obama years, the play explores what we gain and lose when society progresses and asks us to answer the question, “Who is the Bigot?”

Kin Folk (4W/3M)
As they wait to sell their suburban house, Lucy and her sisters imagine a new life in the city. However, Lucy has a different plan. She wants to live as her true self: a mighty dragon named Kreeka. When she comes out to her family, she must choose between them and a community of Otherkin, which includes a spell-casting elf, a giant gnome, and a werewolf from Montana.

Wilma (2M/1W)
Hurricane Wilma causes blackouts all over South Florida. As seventeen-year-old Noah waits for his power to return, he stays at his wealthy friend Josh's house, whose power runs full blast. The boys spend two weeks in close quarters, competing for power and control, while trying to hide their true feelings for each other.