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Drew Paryzer

Drew Paryzer is a second-year MFA Playwriting candidate at The University of Texas at Austin.

His plays, immersive theatre designs, and technology-aided hybrid performances aim to make room for new, heightened versions of our lives and futures. Drew's work has been presented in New York by March Forth Productions and Primary Stages, on the West Coast in the Westmont Fringe Festival, and in Austin at The Museum of Human Achievement. He is an alumnus of Sarah Lawrence College, where he was a recipient of the Lipkin Prize for Playwriting, and hails from the Rocky Mountain Front Range

Selected Plays:
Al-Halqa (is that how it's pronounced)
Two American brothers journey to a distant land for a weekend escape. They've come to bridge the gulf of mistruths widening between them. They've come to be good tourists. They've come to run away. But this is not their country, not their tradition – and this tale is not theirs to tell. A comedy of storytellers and lies that melds travelogue with Moroccan folk tales.

Finn died a year ago. He practically lived inside his computer games. His brother Ty would rather forget him, but Ty's girlfriend Kaci just can't. As a child grows inside her, Kaci makes a choice that irrevocably ruptures their notions of parenthood, identity, and reality itself. Alter is a family drama for the age of avatars.

Swallow the Reader
Debbie is ten. Debbie needs her father Leslie, and Leslie needs to drink. Debbie opens a book – Alice in Wonderland – and what she hears in her head is someone reading the tragedy of her own life back to her. Can Debbie become her own author? A phantasmagorical drama set in 1960s Washington State, Swallow the Reader explores what it means to hold tight to the love you're given – across national borders, over the cracks of custody battles, and down the rabbit hole of a runaway imagination.