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Megan Tabaque

Megan Tabaque is a writer and actor from Palm Harbor, Florida who cut her teeth in the theatre community of Chicago where she lived for 7 years. She is a Michener Fellow of playwriting and fiction at the University of Texas at Austin. Her play, Teen Girl FANtasies, cowritten with Kimberly Belflower, was nominated for an Austin Critic's Table Award for Best New Play in 2015. Her plays have been developed by Infusion Theatre Company, Tympanic Theatre Company, Paper Chairs, Groundswell and by the University of Texas. Megan is also a Kundiman Fellow for fiction and a 2016 Sewanee Writers Conference scholar.

Current Projects:
Two Sweaty - In Kerrville,Texas is a dusty garage collecting stolen gym equipment, family secrets, and a cat carcass or two. A defunct marriage between True West and a Friday night spin class, Two Sweaty is the story of two wild and strong sisters who find their way back to each other when they team up to kill a man. Workshop with Paper Chairs Dec. 2016

Decapitations In the Santos home, an alligator stalks, a mother talks to her car, a prodigal daughter binges on cereal, a devoted son raises lizards, and a neighbor's dog vanishes. Funny, surreal and strange, Decapitation is a ghost story exploring multi-racial Filipino identity in the wilds of central Florida. Workshop with Groundswell January 2017.

Galactic Orphans With no parents, not enough Doritos and a little too much vodka in their Sprite, Ri and Ted reunite for an all-night Archangel video gaming marathon. Ted's little sister, Cory, won't let “Guy's Night” happen without a fight. In 24 hours, Ri, Cory and Ted save the war-torn Archangel galaxy but may not be able to save each other. UTNT March 2017.