Travis Tate

Travis Tate is queer black playwright, poet and performer from Austin, Texas. He is a M.F.A. candidate at the Michener Center for Writers at The University of Texas at Austin studying playwriting and poetry. His writing has appeared in The Matador Review and Black Napkin Press and is forthcoming in VANILLA SEX MAGAZINE and Reservoir.

Theo & Clarke are a young gay couple and they're fighting constantly. After a wild millennial bacchanal, one of their friends ends up pregnant. By Theo. Butter explores the redefinition of friendship, sex, and monogamy through a critical queer lens that is being presented in our new day and age.

A family of maternal witches fight to keep one of their own alive. It is the job of the MotherWitch to teach her daughter the ways of the coven. What happens when the MotherWitch refuses to pass down her knowledge? Will the family survive? Also: THERE'S A TALKING CAT.

Cruise Ship Play (currently working on)
Two best friends go on a cruise trip together. But this cruise isn't like any other they've been on before, i.e. the ship can speak with whales and has indigestion. This play explores the lines of friendship, sex, and intimacy. What is platonic love? Or is there no such thing?