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Daria Miyeko Marinelli

Daria Miyeko Marinelli's plays include The One You Feed, We Are Samurai, Untameable, and After You. In New York City, her work has been developed and performed at Ensemble Theatre Company, The Flea, Jimmy's No 43, Access Theatre, WOW Café Theatre, Standard Toy Kraft, and The 133rd Street Art Center. Regionally, she has been produced at Venus Theatre (DC), The Arts Center (Carborro, NC), Production Workshop (PVD), and Rites and Reason Theatre (PVD). Internationally her work has been developed at Espacio Arévalo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an Arnold Fellow and has been published in various literary magazines including Fourth Wall Review, Bare Fiction, The Round, and Clerestory. She is the Founder of THTR and now serves as an advisor and playwright-in residence. Ms. Marinelli was born and raised in Hartsdale, New York.

Selected Plays
We Are Samurai 3F, 1M, 60mins
After Josephine returns home to find her cats brutally murdered for a crime she committed in a past life, she enlists her boyfriend to help her avenge her cats' deaths. We Are Samurai is an immersive suburban revenge tragedy about four twenty-somethings engaging in petty acts of violence in an effort to absolve a millennia-old offense. As the piece unfolds simultaneously across four different playing spaces, it is up to the audience to choose what to witness.

Untameable 6F, 2M, 90mins
There are things more important than love / Name them / Diamonds. Pitting diamond heist against museum intrigue, Untameable follows the story of two young women, one trying to steal a jewel and the other trying to keep it safe. The work is an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum. The audience navigates their own experience and much like the characters themselves, must decide between love and diamonds, honesty or victory. Untameable is an investigation into what we will do to achieve our magnum opus and what gets lost in the winning.