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Adam Sussman

Adam L. Sussman is a director, dramaturg, educator and performer. He was the Bret C Harte Directing Fellow at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre for the 2014-15 season where he served as assistant director on An Audience with Meow Meow, Party People, Head of Passes and Anna Deavere Smith's Notes from the Field Doing Time in Education: the California Chapter. He is a member of Ragged Wing Ensemble, a founding member of the theater collective HATCH, former literary manager at Custom Made Theatre Co, and a longtime participant and co-organizer of the Home Theater Festival. He has directed at Playwright's Foundation, Impact Theatre, Just Theater, Monday Night Playground, Stagebridge, PianoFight, The Theater Offensive, San Francisco State University and SF Theater Pub. Adam is a recipient of Theater Bay Area's 2013 Titan Award and a Best of the Fringe award in 2011 for his collaboration with poet Evan Kennedy "Quatre-vingt-quatre."

Bennington College, Graduated 2004 BA in Theatre and Anthropology

Fellowships and Residencies:
  • Cornerstone Theatre Company - Cornerstone Institute 2009
  • Berkeley Repertory Theatre - Bret C Hart Young Director Fellowship 2014-2015
  • Just Theatre Play Lab - Just Theatre 2015
  • Artist in Residence - The Bentley School 2015 - 2016
Upcoming projects:
When New Orleans Becomes A Brown Sea A jazz chamber Opera by Travis Tate and James Parker examining racial inequality in America. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, two strangers find themselves stranded together on a rooftop in New Orleans. As they wait for rescue they must transcend their differences to rediscover their love of and hope for their home city.

The Daniel Rose Project is a multi-media devised work that explores the concept of neurodiversity through the lives of two people: Arthur Miller's son Daniel who was born with Down Syndrome and subsequently institutionalized, and Tennessee Williams' sister Rose who was diagnosed as schizophrenic and ultimately lobotomised. Incorporating the stories and performances, of individuals in Austin with mental and intellectual disabilities Daniel Rose seek to open a dialogue about how how atypical minds are supported or rejected by their families and society, and how these narratives can be represented in theatre.

Gondal an original play by Kimberly Belflower. A writer obsessed with the violent fantasy lives of young women, constructs a fantasy world of her own, featuring the Bronte siblings and a trio of contemporary suburbanites fascinated by the internet meme Slender Man. As the writer and her subjects fall deeper into their respective fantasies the spectre of violence increases leading inexorably toward cataclysm.