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Joanna Garner

Joanna crafts plays and experiences that are wild, sexy, dangerous and musical - sometimes all at once. Her work has been developed nationally and internationally, including at the Banff Playwrights Colony, Tofte Lake Center, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Kitchen Dog Theater, On the Boards, groundswell playwrights conference, Annex Theatre, Capitol Hill Arts Center, the NEWvember New Plays Festival, Live Girls! Theater, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival, ZACH Theatre, and the New York and Hollywood fringe festivals. Her country musical, 100 Heartbreaks, was workshopped in Seattle Rep's New Play Program, with the Northwest Playwrights Alliance, and was presented at the country's largest arts and culture festival, Bumbershoot. In March, Joanna's immersive self-help ritual/psychedelic drug trip, Wild Places, will be co-produced by the Rude Mechs in Austin.

The Orange Garden (2W, 3M)
It's 1972, and John signs up for the Peace Corps to avoid the draft and impress a girl. He never thought he would wind up in a country he couldn't even find on a map: Iran. While his best friend, Gabor, ships off to Vietnam, and his girlfriend Rainey, dreams of the adventure she is too afraid to embark on, John is swept into a swirl of poetry, dervishes, and the growing fire of the coming revolution. Winner of the 2016 Keene Prize for Literature and Honorable Mention on the 2016 Kilroys List.

Knotted (2W)
Abby, an online dominatrix, and Cheryl, a fifth-grade teacher, strike up a dangerous friendship—one with fuzzy boundaries, shifting power, and tangles of secrets. A play about fear and desire, Knotted asks, “What happens when you let go of control?” Developed as part of Kitchen Dog Theater's New Works Festival 2016.

Please Open Your Mouth (1W, 1M, ensemble)
An immersive, participatory theatrical experience of food and sex. Audience members gain entrance to a clandestine culinary orgy where a charismatic host and a cadre of returning supper club members lead their guests through a series of wildly unexpected dinner courses. On the menu: a feast of secrets, fantasies, and fetishes. Come hungry.