KEI Corporate Policies

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Katsucon Entertainment, Inc. makes the following policy regarding the prohibition of political activities:

  • No member of Katsucon staff may announce their candidacy for public office using Katsucon property, including the use of its e-mail lists, Katsucon’s public or private web sites, or during a meeting called to plan and organize Katsucon events.
  • No member of Katsucon staff shall be allowed to initiate a public discussion of any political candidate on Katsucon’s property, including its e-mail lists, web sites, or premises.
  • No member of Katsucon’s staff shall be allowed to distribute any material related to a candidate for public office at any Katsucon meeting or Katsucon-sponsored function.
  • Katsucon Entertainment, Inc. shall not disburse, donate or otherwise handle any funds that are for the purpose of supporting or opposing any candidate for political office.
  • No attendee, sponsor, staffer, volunteer, or other participant in any Katsucon event shall be allowed to set up any sort of public display, forum, or be allowed to distribute any materials with the purpose of supporting, opposing or soliciting funds for a candidate for public office.