Merchants Hall (PG A-C)

Mandy Seley and Fox Keegan are the creative duo behind a weekly webcomic centered around their most entertaining experiences generated by their unusual approach to life. Jacks of all trades and Masters of some, theyve passions ranging from art, gaming and cosplay to most forms of engineering, Do-It-Yourself projects and even survival prep. If they havent learned it yet, they probably want to! These two use their skills, creativity, and simple inability to sit still for more than 20 seconds to regularly produce situations perfect for a slice-of-life comic thats both relatable and absurd.

Not everyone makes their own armor, gets married in it, and then rides off in their own police-edition muscle car!

Mandy draws the strips and manages the website, while also dabbling in web development and game design. Shes slowly learning her way around desktop publishing in preparation for the first Curtailed book collection.

Fox lends his quick wit and wordsmithing to both write and edit the comics. His personality is also usually the catalyst for the punchline! If not at the computer researching a new project, hes either working on his car or down in his basement workshop, soldering, welding or sanding.

Having been guests of Katsucon 2016, theyre both honored and excited to be attending again. This years cosplay designs are well underway!