Gabriel Djinn Sensei Sandan Atarashii Naginata


Merchants Hall (PG A-C)

Naginata is defined as a Japanese martial art of both power and grace characterized by the grandeur of its sweeping arm and body movements while using a bladed weapon. Naginata dates back to feudal Japan as a battlefield weapon of the Samurai. Today, the art is practiced around the world. In Japan the art is dominated by women, outside of Japan it is largely unisex. This is one aspect that makes it very unique amongst martial arts as most martial arts require a certain level of physical capability and strength.

Djinn Senseis beginnings were, like many of us, inspired in childhood by movies to start martial arts. Once he started, he became fascinated by the culture and history of Japanese Martial Arts. Djinn Sensei has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years. For over the last 15 years he has focused on Naginata. He has competed at the national and international level. Currently Djinn Sensei holds classes in Manassas Park, Virginia at the Community Center.

All of my Naginata students learn the foundational aspects of the martial arts: respect, control and self-discipline. This is done in tandem with learning the physical aspects of the art. The mental and physical growth are not separated as they are symbiotic. I can teach the physical aspects. The maturity and confidence grows over time.

I truly love the art of Naginata and it brings me joy to watch my students grow as both martial artists and people. This is the reason I teach- to convey the tradition and love for Naginata.

Outside of the dojo, Djinn Sensei is a regional trainer for a well known electronics company. He is married to his wife and best friend whom he met in 2000. They have two teenage children and the whole family is involved with Naginata.