223.05 Selected First Results from the 7 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South Survey (W. Niel Brandt)

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Jan 5th at 2:50 PM until 3:00 PM




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Author(s): W. Niel Brandt1

Institution(s): 1. Penn State Univ.

Contributing team(s): Chandra Deep Field-South Team

The exposure on the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S) has recently been increased to 7 Ms, making it the most sensitive extragalactic X-ray survey by a wide margin. About 1050 X-ray sources have been detected, primarily distant active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and starburst/normal galaxies. The unmatched deep multiwavelength coverage for these sources allows superb follow-up investigations; e.g., 98.4% of the X-ray sources have multiwavelength counterparts, and 97.8% have spectroscopic/photometric redshifts. I will briefly describe the source catalog for the 7 Ms CDF-S and some exciting first science results. The latter will likely include (1) constraints on SMBH growth in the first galaxies as revealed by direct detection and stacking; (2) long-term variability studies of the AGNs producing most of cosmic accretion power; (3) AGN/galaxy interactions as investigated via the host properties of X-ray AGNs; and (4) measurements of the evolving X-ray binary populations of normal and starburst galaxies.