109.02 The Enigmatic Fast Radio Burst FRB121102 (Jason Hessels)

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Jan 4th at 11:15 AM until 11:30 PM




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Author(s): Jason Hessels1

Institution(s): 1. ASTRON

Contributing team(s): PALFA Survey Team, VLA+AO FRB121102 Simultaneous Campaign Team, EVN FRB121102 Campaign Team

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are millisecond-duration radio flashes, whose large dispersion measures suggest that they originate at extragalactic distances in extremely energetic environments. Once a phenomenon only observed with the Parkes telescope, the discovery of FRB121102 using Arecibo solidified the astrophysical origin of the FRBs. More recently, Arecibo has enabled the astonishing discovery that FRB121102 sporadically produces additional bursts. This immediately rules out the various cataclysmic models - at least for this particular FRB - and is enabling deep, targeted follow-up observations which aim to localize the source to sub-arcsecond precision and to, ultimately, determine its physical origin. I will present our latest understanding of FRB121102 and its relevance for interpreting the FRB phenomenon in general.

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