303.04 Directly Imaging Planets with SCExAO: First Results (Thayne M. Currie)

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Jan 6th at 10:40 AM until 10:50 AM




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Author(s): Thayne M. Currie2, Olivier Guyon2, Nemanja Jovanovic2, Julien Lozi2, Motohide Tamura3, Tomoyuki Kudo2, Taichi Uyama3, Eugenio Garcia1

Institution(s): 1. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2. NAOJ/Subaru Telescope, 3. University of Tokyo

We present the first science results from the newly commissioned Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics project, an experimental system dedicated to image faint jovian planets around nearby stars. SCExAO is now achieving true extreme AO capability. We describe the typical performance of SCExAO, the first images of benchmark exoplanets and planet-forming disks, and SCExAOs first science results. Finally, we briefly chart the path forward for SCExAO to achieve its full scientific capability, including imaging mature planets in reflected light.