330.01 Localizing the Fast Radio Burst 121102 (Shami Chatterjee)

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Jan 6th at 2:00 PM until 2:10 PM




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Author(s): Shami Chatterjee3, Robert Wharton3, Casey J. Law10, Jason Hessels2, Sarah Burke-Spolaor11, Geoffrey C. Bower1, Matthew W Abruzzo5, Cees Bassa2, Bryan J. Butler9, James M. Cordes3, Demorest Paul9, Victoria M. Kaspi7, Maura McLaughlin11, Scott M. Ransom9, Paul Scholz4, Andrew Seymour8, Laura Spitler6, Shriharsh P. Tendulkar7

Institution(s): 1. ASIAA, 2. ASTRON, 3. Cornell University, 4. DRAO, 5. Haverford College, 6. Max-Planck-Institut f_r Radioastronomie, 7. McGill University, 8. NAIC, 9. NRAO, 10. University of California, 11. West Virginia University

Contributing team(s): PALFA Survey Team, VLA+AO FRB121102 Simultaneous Campaign Team, EVN FRB121102 Campaign Team

The precise localization of a fast radio burst and the identification of its host counterpart would allow constraints on their distances and energetics, and enable us to discriminate between various origin scenarios, from the local and mundane to the cosmological and exotic. Here we report on the results of an ongoing localization campaign on the repeating fast radio burst source, FRB 121102, with the VLA, Arecibo, and other telescopes.