216.01 Chemical Cartography in the Milky Way with SDSS/APOGEE: Multi-element abundances and abundance ratio variations (Jon A. Holtzman)

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Jan 5th at 10:00 AM until 10:10 AM




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Author(s): Jon A. Holtzman1, Sten Hasselquist1, Jennifer Johnson2, Jonathan C. Bird4, Steven R. Majewski3

Institution(s): 1. New Mexico State Univ., 2. Ohio State University, 3. University of Virginia, 4. Vanderbilt University

Contributing team(s): SDSS/APOGEE team

The SDSS/APOGEE project is measuring abundances of multiple elements for several hundred thousand stars across the Milky Way. These allow the mapping of abundances and abundance ratio variations. Results will be presented for multiple abundance ratios across of the Galactic disk. The interpretation of mean abundance maps is complicated by variations in star formation history across the disk and by changing abundance ratios that result from an overall metallicity gradient. Variations in chemical abundance sequences, however, show the potential for using abundance ratios to track the movement of stars through the disk, and provide key information for constraining Galaxy formation and chemical evolution models.