424.05 Simulation of Rogue Planet Encounters with the Solar System: Is Planet 9 a Captured Rogue? (James Vesper)

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Jan 7th at 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM




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Author(s): James Vesper1, Paul A. Mason1

Institution(s): 1. New Mexico State University

Rogue, or free-floating, planets may be abundant in the Galaxy. Several have been observed in the solar neighborhood. They have been predicted to even outnumber stars by a large fraction, and may partially account for dark matter in the disk of the galaxy, as the result of circumbinary planet formation. We performed N-body simulations of rogue encounters with the solar system with a variety of impact parameters. We find that Jupiter mass and higher rogues leave a significant imprint on planetary system architecture. Rogue formation models are therefore constrained by observed planetary system structure. We speculate that if rogue planets are abundant as predicted, then, Planet 9 may be a captured rogue.