Machinae Supremacy

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For fans of atmospheric music and storytelling, Machinae Supremacy (SWE) write songs that draw inspiration from fandoms and nerd culture across the spectrum -- ranging from video games to anime -- and are even building their own lore, an immersive mythos that expands and evolves with every album they release.

Machinae Supremacy has performed the music from Final Fantasy with the Royal Philharmonics in Stockholm and PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, toured with Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth, appeared in the national Hockey World Series TV-ads, and produced the original soundtrack for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams together with video game music legend Chris Hulsbeck, as well as the now infamous 35 tracks long Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack.

Machinae Supremacy's webography, a substantial and free-to-download archive of music on their website, has had over 10 million downloads and counting.