Ivor Barbrook


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Ivor Barbrook is an expert in the UK in digital construction (BIM), design delivery and planning. He has worked with the supply chain and engineering design consultants to establish and implement strong design / contractor interface management procedures used as a management tool on design and construct projects. In partnership with Autodesk, the supply chain and employers, Ivor has put in place BIM work flows for civil engineering infrastructure within BAM Nuttall. This has enhanced the delivered construction product value and quality, providing benefit to all parties. The processes and guidance that have been developed are recognised as market leading and collaborative in approach by leading engineering consultants and their civil infrastructure joint venture partners. Ivor continues to influence the implementation of BIM as corporate approach to deliver LEAN business process in the world wide BAM Group.<o:p></o:p>

Ivor's presentation focuses on BAM Nuttall's digital construction journey and their path taken over the past four years from a project base deployment of BIM to the present business focused LEAN systems management. As an experience planner, understanding that if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail is strong adage not to be forgotten. It applies in a world of 3D design and 4D programming where preparations for delivery can be established virtually, then taken into the real world of successful construction. BAM Nuttall's journey is moving forward into project controls, using 5D estimating to drive project working estimate, earned value and assess cost. The foundation of all this is the common data environment, the warehouse of information, managed as a single source of truth, the LEAN systems of management.<o:p></o:p>