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Ronen Barak is Research & Development manager in Tidhar group LTD which is one of the leading developing and construction companies in Israel. He is a Lean construction and BIM specialist developing and implementing methods, tools and techniques throughout the organization. He started his BIM and Lean journey in the academia on 2004 in the Technion, Israel technology institute, as part of a research team led by Prop. Raphael Sacks. Ronen helped developing the first BIM course in the Technion and was teaching it since 2006.
In 2011 Ronen's joined Tidhar and since then he is developing its BIM department and implementing Lean methodologies at the company work face. As part of his job, Ronen implemented the Last Planner ™ system in all of Tidhar's projects as part of mentoring the workface to develop constant improvement culture. Throughout the years, Ronen led the company's Lean Boot-camps, several VSM in deferent departments and many other improvement team.
Ronen established Tidhar's BIM operation, starting from the organizational infrastructures, training both the company employees and business partners and eventually implementing BIM technologies and processes in various departments (Design, sales, customer services, budget and more)
Ronen is a co-author of a new book on Lean and BIM implementation in construction, "Building Lean, Building BIM: Changing Construction the Tidhar Way".