1. 3D Printing Collagen Scaffolds: A New Approach for Engineering Tissues and Organs
    Bryan Nerger
  2. 550 AU Mission with Direct Fusion Drive
    Charles Swanson, Michael Paluszek
  3. A Black Panther Crusade: Cross-National Diffusion and Black Power in Jerusalem
    Ami Berman
  4. An Analysis of Aristotlelian Ethics Through the Lens of Soccer
    David Goldstein
  5. A Politics of Love: Saint Augustine, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Search for a More Perfect Union
    Kathy Chow
  6. Assessing genetic diversity and clonality in goldenrod
    Katie Simons
  7. Astronomically Forced Hydrology of the late Cretaceous Sub-tropical Potosí Basin, Bolivia
    Adrian Tasistro-Hart
  8. A Tale of Two Black Organizations
    Jeron Fenton
  9. Attosecond X-rays from Relativistic Plasmas: How to fit a Particle Accelerator on a Table
    Matthew Edwards
  10. A University of Things: Object Lessons & Exhibition
    Benjamin Perelmuter, Helena Klevorn, Alexandra Palocz, Lucina Schwartz, Nicolette D'Angelo, Tyler Bozeman, Kyle Berlin, Noga Zaborowski, Erin Lynch, Charlie Argon, D. Graham Burnett
  11. Average activity of excitatory and inhibitory neural populations
    Javier Roulet
  12. Bijecting Recurrent Configurations on an Eulerian Digraph and its Reverse
    Casandra Monroe
  13. Bio-friendly Nanoparticle Catalysis
    Heidi Miller
  14. Booms, Busts and Resettlement: North Atlantic Fishing Communities and World-Literature
    Michael Paye
  15. Boosting MFC Biocatalyst Performance: A Novel Gene Identification and Consortia Engineering Approach
    Austin Wang
  16. Bridging the Gap between Mechanical Extremes of Amorphous Solids with and without Attractive Interactions - CANCELLED
    Andreia Fenley
  17. Building Mobile Apps for Language Preservation
    Marisa Chow
  18. Caster Semenya, the Intersex Question, and the “Fairness” of Sports
    Ben Weissenbach
  19. Cause and Effect: Cells That Can't Divide
    Allison Simi
  20. CHAOS on Campus
    Eric Teitelbaum
  21. Characterization of Transforming NTRK2 and NTRK3 Mutations in Leukemia Patient Samples
    Kristin Qian
  22. Characterizing Cerebello-Thalamo-Cortical Circuits Associated with Nonmotor Function Using Transsynaptic Viral Tracing
    Joyce Lee
  23. Chosen People, Promised Land: Judeo-Christian Leitmotivs in Nazi Propaganda - CANCELLED
    Carolyn Beard
  24. Civil Society in Egypt: Implications of the Egyptian NGO Bill for Civil Society and the Formation of a Pluralistic Democracy
    Anyssa Chebbi
  25. Climate Model Visualization Techniques
    Zachary Stier
  26. Company Compensation Packages and Employee's Financial Risk-Taking
    Angelina Grigoryeva
  27. Confirmation's Anita Hill: Feminist Icon or Olympia's Maid?
    Imani Ford
  28. Conflicts in the Courtroom: 16 Federal Judges with Ethics Violations, How I Caught Them, and How You Can Too
    Newby Parton
  29. Contaminated Cosmopolis: The Destabilized Nation-State in Igiaba Scego's Beyond Babylon - CANCELLED
    Aaron Robertson
  30. Coram Non Judice: A Machine Learning Approach to Judging and Predicting Supreme Court Cases
    Omid Abrishamchian
  31. Curvature-based Analysis of Connectivity Structure in Brain Networks
    Melanie Weber
  32. Deference at the Appellate Courts
    Amy Semet
  33. Descriptive Set Theory: What is it? Why do we care?
    Andrew Hahm
  34. (De)translating Psychoanalytic Text and Visual Images
    Fernanda Sofio
  35. Developing a Word Embedding Model for Ranking Proposed Latin Emendations - CANCELLED
    Miles Hinson
  36. Development of an Electric Marine Propulsion and Battery System
    Ben Sorkin, Kirk Robinson, Aarav Chavda
  37. Discourse Continuity in Children’s Language Acquisition
    Kat Giordano
  38. Diversity or Exploitation? Exploring the Harmful Toxic Narratives Perpetuated by Media Representations Promoting Gender Diversity
    Matthew Taitano
  39. dNTP Metabolism in Early Drosophila Melanogaster Embryos
    Debopriyo Biswas, Yonghyun Song, Stanislav Shvartsman
  40. Documentary Theatre: Me Too Monologues as Community-Based Performance
    Matt Blazejewski
  41. Does Oil Belong On the Outside Of Ships? Bioinspired lessons for marine applications.
    Matthew Fu
  42. Don't Go Breaking My Heart: Elucidating a Role for FGF Signaling in Zebrafish Heart Looping and Ballooning
    Briana Christophers
  43. Dynamics of Health-Related Aid and the Politics of Care in Post-Apartheid South Africa - CANCELLED
    Jake Schade
  44. Electron Beam Dynamics for a Proposed Satellite Mission to Map the Magnetosphere - CANCELLED
    Tasman Powis
  45. Engineering the Microbiome of Drosophila melanogaster
    Tamanna Ananna, Helen Park, Samvida Venkatesh, Andy Liu
  46. Ethnography of Transmission: Uncovering the Life of the Africana-Francophone Dance in the United States
    Anna Kimmel
  47. Exchange Poetry in Late Medieval China: A Network Analysis - CANCELLED
    Thomas Mazanec
  48. Experiments with the Markoff Surface
    Seung Jae Lee
  49. Exploring How Statistical Learning Happens - CANCELLED
    Jordan Gunn
  50. "Fat Girls Who Have Sex with Drunk Guys are Rapists": an Analysis of Masculine Aggression in Response to Feminism
    Jacqueline Kopra
  51. Fire and the Florida Scrub-Jay: Fire Suppression's Effects on Fledgling Provisioning in Aphelocoma coreulescens
    Allison Conwell
  52. Firing Characterization and Design Recommendation for Resource-Limited Brick Kiln - CANCELLED
    Christina Rice
  53. Flow Visualization for Multiple Fibers in Converging Flow: Exploring the Mechanical Manufacturing of Hydrogels - CANCELLED
    Christina Rice
  54. Forming Novel Nanoparticle Morphologies Using Homopolymer / Block Copolymer Blends in Flash NanoPrecipitation
    Lorena Grundy
  55. Functional Connectivity under movie stimuli
    Katherine Lee
  56. Global Rainfall and Global Warming
    Nadir Jeevanjee
  57. "Grandes Écoles" and the American "Ivy League" in the 21st Century - CANCELLED
    Makenna May
  58. Growing Pains: Analyzing Responses of a Developmental Neuroendocrine Circuit to Nanos in Drosophila
    Sajal Tiwary and Elizabeth R. Gavis, Department of Molecular Biology
  59. Headaches
    Thomas Matusiak
  60. History and Stereotype: Costume Design for "Charles Francis Chan, Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery"
    Julia Peiperl
  61. How Much Is That Data In The Window? An Experiment In Buying Access to Facebook User Records
    Katherine Haenschen
  62. Identification of Protein Domains Functionally-Important Positions Using Population Variation
    Anat Etzion-Fuchs
  63. Identity, Belonging and Perceptions of Social Networks
    Kyonne Isaac
  64. In Search of Eleanor Rigby, Or, The Sadness Project: Melancholy, Memory, and Ruin
    Kyle Berlin
  65. Inter-Imperial Experts: Administrative Reform in 19th Century China
    Charles Argon
  66. Invasive Tamarisk Narrow the Colorado River in Meander Canyon, Utah - CANCELLED
    Artemis Eyster
  67. Investigating the Diversity and Distribution of Encapsulin Nanocompartments
    John Tracey, Maricela Coronado
  68. Investigation of Ginger for Chemoprevention: An Effective Pharmacological Agent for Targeting Glioblastoma, Ovarian, Breast, and Colon Cancers
    Lillian Xu
  69. Is it not a sharing? A Christian Politics of Koinōnia
    Mary Nickel
  70. Lasso peptide benenodin-1 is a thermally actuated [1]rotaxane switch
    Chuhan Zong
  71. Leveraging Fog and Cloud Computing for Efficient Computational Offloading
    Surin Ahn
  72. Literary Representations of Feminicidio in Ciudad Juarez
    Victoria Navarro
  73. Living Traditions: Machu Picchu and the Changing Identity of an Inca Nation
    Charlotte Williams
  74. Local community perceptions of integrating conservation, culture and tourism for sustainable livelihoods: Mount Elgon, Kenya.
    Jacqueline Kariithi
  75. Long-term persistent hepatitis B virus infection in a scalable micro-well primary hepatocyte co-culture system
    Gabriel Lipkowitz
  76. Measuring Heart Rate via Video
    Sara Fridovich-Keil
  77. Measuring relatedness in human populations from DNA
    Alejandro Ochoa
  78. Menaces Unfulfilled and Power Never Accomplished: British Foreign Policy in the Second Schleswig-Holstein War and the Role of Great Britain in Continental Politics
    Connor Pfeiffer
  79. Mitigation of extreme heat fluxes in fusion reactors by the Lithium Vapor Box Divertor
    Jacob Schwartz
  80. Modeling the Formation of Sodium and Calcium Aluminosilicate Gels at the Mesoscale Using Coarse-Grained Monte Carlo
    Kengran Yang
  81. Modelling the Plasma around the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy
    Amelia Hankla
  82. Network Structure and Extreme Events in Banking Systems
    Caitlin Chambers
  83. N-Terminal Sulfation Switches Binding Profile Between Ccr1 and Ccr1L1
    Isabel J. Hsu
  84. Of E. coli and Elephants: Microbial Physiology and the Unification of Life
    Charles A. Kollmer
  85. OF WOMEN: sonnets for the manna girls' class of 2017, the muses
    David Ting, Eric Xu, Alex Jow, Tim Lau
  86. On the Origin of Landscape Representation in Chinese Art
    Peng Peng
  87. Optimization of Engineered S. cerevisiae for the Production of Lactic Acid (or, Making Plastic from Yeast Using Cow Genes)
    Erika Davidoff
  88. Optogenetic regulation for metabolic engineering
    Evan Zhao
  89. Outcomes of Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding: A Single-Institution Study
    Annie Yang
  90. Peering Into The Past: Using Three-Dimensional Reconstructions From GIRI To Study Earth History
    Akshay Mehra
  91. Performance and Potential of Erosion Protected Rammed Earth Walls in Princeton, NJ - CANCELLED
    Amber Lin
  92. Peripheral Formation - Narrative Form as Historical Criticism
    Fabio Daie
  93. Physics in Exotic Number Systems
    Sarthak Parikh
  94. Pied-Noir Memory Preservation and Transmission in Contemporary France
    Sophie Nguyen
  95. PinMe: Tracking a Smartphone User around the World
    Arsalan Mosenia
  96. Plague Searchers in Early Modern London
    Valerie Wilson
  97. Political Skepticism and Disagreement
    Vidushi Sharma
  98. Post-transcriptional downregulation of Bazooka-Par3 downstream of Snail in epithelial-mesenchymal transition
    Joan Lee
  99. Prenatal construction of branched organs: generation of the lung for baby's first breath
    James Spurlin
  100. Princeton's Lost Museum: Arnold Guyot's E. M. Museum and the history of American natural science
    Harrison Blackman
  101. Prosody with SimCom in ASL Theater
    Hannah Yang
  102. Quorum Sensing in Biofilms: Limits of chemical signalling in growth-limited environments
    Avaneesh Narla
  103. Racialized Neuroscience
    Leezet Matos
  104. Re-evaluating the Traditional SES (Socio-Economic Status) Measure: An Exploratory Study
    Jonathan Stoessel
  105. Remittances and Taxation in Developing Countries - CANCELLED
    Biniam Bedasso
  106. Reproductive Health Care Utilization of Young Adults Insured as Dependents
    Theresa Andrasfay
  107. #Rio2016: Leveraging Global Media for Awareness and Action
    Myesha Jemison
  108. RNA Epigenetics: Understanding the m6A Modification to mRNA Transcripts - CANCELLED
    Rohan Shah
  109. Roles of RpoS and efflux pumps in strengthening the permeability barrier of stationary phase Escherichia coli cells
    Angela Kim
  110. Selective Justice: Discrimination Against Muslims in the Criminal Context
    Aneesh Rai
  111. Sex-related reporting in randomized controlled trials in medical journals
    Emily Avery
  112. Silencing bacterial defenses - a new strategy to treat multidrug-resistant bacteria
    Nina Molin Hoeyland-Kroghsbo
  113. Slavery Through Time: An Examination of the Witherspoon Family's Legacy
    Charlesa Redmond
  114. Sleepy cells drive cancer relapse
    Alisya Anlas
  115. Smart Dorm: Occupancy Analysis to Reduce Light Energy Consumption in College Residence Halls - CANCELLED
    Abby Van Soest
  116. Social Anxiety Characterization: A Neuroeconomic Exploration of the Underlying Mental Processes that Lead to Social Stress
    Elana Meer
  117. Solar Gardens in the Garden State: Community Solar Recommendations for New Jersey
    Vivian Chang, Jack Hoskins, Sheree Oluwafemi
  118. Soviet Journals Reconnected: Periodicals and Their Networks under Late Socialism
    Philip Gleissner
  119. Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A study of nutrient and light variability on d15N and d13C in adult and juvenile Porites astreoides at Bermuda
    Vivian Yao
  120. Study of BB84 Information Leakage via APD Backflash
    Colin Lualdi
  121. Surface water and soil moisture relationships to rainfall patterns in Kenyan savanna landscapes under pressure from land-use and climate change
    Marc Mayes
  122. Temporal-Spatial Dynamics of TGFβ-Mediated Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer Metastasis
    Daniel Liu
  123. The Baha'i Faith and Interracialism in Early Twentieth-Century America
    Sahand Keshavarz Rahbar
  124. The Effect of Drought Conditions on Vertical Resin Duct Production in Pinus ponderosa Across an Elevational Range
    Dyonishia Nieves
  125. The Effect of Radiation on the Dynamics of Near-limit Cool Flames and Hot Flames
    Eric Lin, Chris Reuter, Yiguang Ju
  126. The Effect of State-Driven Health Insurance Expansion on Health Workers’ Earnings and Hours Worked
    Yash Patel
  127. The Effect of Violent Conflict on Educational Outcomes in Colombia
    Vishan Nigam
  128. The evolution of Na+, K+-ATPase in relation to predatory feeding and lucibufagin sequestration in fireflies
    Lu Yang
  129. The Filtration Metaphor: An Analysis of Delays in New York's 7 Line Extension
    Jonah Hyman
  130. The Impact of an Impact: Telomere Length and Telomerase Activity in Cells of the Central Nervous System Following Moderate, Controlled Cortical Impact Injuries in Mice
    Nicole J. Katchur
  131. The Impact of Highly-Skilled Mexican Migrants on the Development of Tijuana and Mexicali
    Yukiko Nagata
  132. The Interaction of High Intensity Ultrashort Laser Pulses with Gaseous Nitrogen - CANCELLED
    Brad O'Brien
  133. The Link Between Asian Monsoon Summer Precipitation and a Westward Shift and Intensification of the Walker Circulation Under Marine Cloud Brightening
    Scott Bechler
  134. The mediatization of Arctic change: The performance and politics of near-real-time sea ice data
    Mark Vardy
  135. The Neural Basis of Dynamic Social Communication: Coding Song Syllables in Fruit Fly Courtship
    David Mazumder
  136. The Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal: Princeton's First and Only Multidisciplinary Peer-Reviewed Research Journal
    Daniel Liu, Yash Patel, Thomas Graul, Lillian Xu, Amanda Blanco, Sofia Dimitriadoy
  137. Thermal Heat Redistribution on Proxima Centauri b
    Angel Fan
  138. The Role of Key Minerals in Stabilizing Soil Carbon From Greenhouse Gas Feedbacks
    William Atkinson
  139. The Role of Managed Care in the ADHD and Asthma Explosion
    Anna Chorniy
  140. The Role of Topography and Vegetation Type in Post-Fire Forest Recovery, Fishlake National Forest, Utah
    Emily Geyman
  141. The Talented Tenth: Narratives of Success and Notions of Group Uplift Among Black Students at Elite Universities
    Briana Payton
  142. The Victoria Press Circle
    Miranda Marraccini
  143. The Writing of Nelson Mandela
    Kim Worthington
  144. Thinking musically within space and time
    Rodrigo Batalha
  145. Topography-Based Snowpack Extrapolation Over Utah Lake Watersheds Estimates Yearly Water Supply Trends
    Benjamin Getraer
  146. Tuning the Threshold Voltage in Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Solvent-Vapor Annealing
    Abhiram Karuppur
  147. Ultrafast spectroscopic studies of heat-generating nanoparticles for photo-induced imaging and therapy of cancer
    Yanglu Chen
  148. Uncoordinated Interdependence and the Right to Regulate: Mapping the Diffusion of Preferential Trade Agreement Public Interest Exceptions (1994-2016) - CANCELLED
    Lauren Konken
  149. Uncovering the Sources of Elevated Arsenic in Classic Maya Human Remains: Implications from Antiquity to Modernity
    Casey Ivanovich
  150. Understanding the Role of Synchrony in Selective Attention - CANCELLED
    Grzegorz (Greg) Nowak
  151. Unpacking "Latinx": A Case Study on the Racialization of Transness
    Arlene Gamio Cuervo
  152. U.S. Higher Education Market for International Students
    Mingyu Chen
  153. Using Benchmark Problems to Evaluate Phase Field Codes
    Anushka Dasgupta
  154. Using Coral Reefs to Track the Strength of ENSO and the Equatorial Undercurrent
    Victoria Luu
  155. Using Image Subtraction to Search for Planets in Crowded Stellar Fields
    Melinda Soares-Furtado
  156. Using Landsat Image Databases to Map our Changing World
    Alec Getraer
  157. Using Machine Learning for Genome-Wide Association Studies of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
    Allie Burton
  158. Using Optogenetics to Investigate How Cells Make Decisions
    Jennifer Lee
  159. Virtual
    James Tralie
  160. Virtual tours of the built environment
    Rebecca Napolitano
  161. Vision-Assisted Control & Learning in Humanoid Robots - CANCELLED
    Bilal Mukadam
  162. Voice, or Dissidence? Anti-bodies in Contemporary Cuba - CANCELLED
    Andy Alfonso
  163. Volunteer Water-Quality Monitoring: Case Studies From Georgia and Rhode Island
    Hannah Safford, Catherine Peters
  164. “All Men Are Created Equal”: An analysis and Experimental Assessment Of How Sexism is Evaluated in U.S. Politics.
    Marni Morse
  165. What Color Was Tragedy? Polychromy in Athenian Theater from the Classical Period to Present
    Nicolette D'Angelo
  166. Who Benefited? Structural Adjustment's Effect on Sub-Saharan African Agriculture - CANCELLED
    Margaret McCallister, Nathaniel Moses
  167. Why Do - and Don't - Compassionate Voters Oppose Immigration?
    Alexander Kustov
  168. Why Does Immigrant Fertility Change with Their Duration of Stay?
    Marianne Tonnessen
  169. Word Learning in Children: The Blowfish Effect
    Nicole Loncar