Athena Yvette Portillo

Executive Producer, Lucasfilm Animation

Athena Yvette Portillo is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer at Lucasfilm Animation, having worked on successful shows such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Becoming a part of the Star Wars universe since 1996, Portillo was granted an internship at Lucas Licensing during a time when the original trilogy Special Editions, as well as The Phantom Menace, were underway in product development. During this period she contributed articles to Lucasfilm's official fan magazine Star Wars Insider.

Portillo moved to Industrial Light & Magic to pursue her interest in visual effects. She then went on to Tippett Studio where she continued her production experience on such films as Blade II, Matrix Revolutions and Constantine, to name a few.

Portillo has just entered her 21st year in the entertainment industry and couldn't be any more excited to continue to be a part of the Star Wars legacy.