Tom Spina

Sculptor, Effects Artist

Professional sculptor and effects artist Tom Spina, who was inspired by the diverse monsters in the original Star Wars cantina sequence, learned to sculpt by re-creating the Star Wars aliens that sparked his imagination. He and his talented crew at Tom Spina Designs ( have since created dozens of Star Wars aliens for commercials, videos and official events. You may have also seen his team's sculpture and theming work or read about their groundbreaking work displaying and restoring original film props and costumes for collectors, archives and museums around the world.

Tom's latest venture is Regal Robot (, a new company launching a Star Wars home product line in spring of 2017. You'll find Tom at booth 2923, where you'll see a showcase of their latest Star Wars themed products and creations. In the meantime, please follow @RegalRobot on social media and be the first to hear about their debut! Official Site -