Opening Session

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Mar 30th at 9:45 AM until 10:15 AM



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Shannon Donovan-Monti

Camp Director Confessions: Why I REALLY became a Camp Director and other (mostly) honest tales from 40+ years in camping.

Shannon Donovan-Monti, Executive Director of Chimney Corners Camp YMCA.
Shannon has been the Executive Director of Chimney Corners Camp for 20 years. Before that, Shannon worked as a conference director, unit director, assistant camp director, riding director, counselor and CIT in resident and day camps in New England and Minnesota as well as participating as a camper in a variety of day, family and overnight camp programs growing up in the wilds of Minnesota. Besides managing to survive camping experiences in the 70's and winter camping in Northern Minnesota, Shannon's greatest accomplishment has been making her way into a career that she loves. However, the path to enlightenment and fulfillment had the humblest of beginnings and a few bumps along the way. Shannon will share a few cautionary tales and lessons learned from more than 40 years involved with camping as we kick-off this year's conference.