1. Amanda Boone, CRA
    Asst. Director, Research Compliance, The University of Texas at Dallas
  2. Angela Wishon
    Vice President for Research Administration
  3. Anise Hawkins, B.A., CRA
    Research Program Coordinator, Strategic Research Initiatives, The University of Texas at Austin
  4. Bao Huong T. Hoang, MBA
    Program Director, Imaging Physics UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  5. Beth Strausser
    Senior Policy Specialist, Policy Office; Division of Institution and Award Support; Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management
  6. Brian Scott
    Contracts Specialist
  7. Bruce Isner
    Training Manager for Academic Administrative Information Resources
  8. Carla McGuire
  9. Cheryl Anderson, CRA
    Director, Sponsored Programs Administration at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  10. Christopher Denman, MRA, CRA
    Director, Contracts, Sponsored Projects Administration
  11. Colette Solpietro, CPRA
    Senior Asst Director, Ofc of Research Services, Texas Tech University
  12. Conor Wakeman
    Conflict of Interest Manager
  13. Courtney Frazier Swaney, MPA, CRA
    Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Projects, The University of Texas at Austin
  14. David Bolanowski, MS
    Business Analyst for Academic Information Systems, UT Southwestern
  15. Debbie Newton
    Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, The University of Tulsa
  16. Elizabeth Ley
    Management and Program Analyst, NIFA
  17. Gina Concannon, CRA
    Assistant Director for Administration, Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  18. Ilene Kaplan Caruso
    Grant Accountant - National Science Foundation
  19. Jamie F. Wilson, MBA, MHSM
    Supervisor, Sponsored Programs Administration (Research Proposals) at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  20. Jessica Albertson
    Director, Office of Export Controls University of Oklahoma
  21. Katrina Torres
    Program Director, Diagnostic Imaging UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  22. Keith Sims, MA
    Senior Research Associate, School of Public Health, UNT Health Science Center
  23. Kelly Morgan
  24. Kristi Mercer, BBA
    Program Director, Dept of Cancer Systems Imaging UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  25. LaTasha Stevenson
    Research Services Administrator III, Sponsored Programs Administration at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  26. Linda Mason, Ed.D.
    Coordinator of Grantwriting Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
  27. Lucien Finley, CRA
    Assistant Director, Departmental Research Administration, Office of Research, The University of Texas at Dallas
  28. Marc Shiffman
    Senior staff member of the NCURA national office
  29. Melanie Krizmanich
    Senior Policy Specialist, OGFM, NIFA
  30. Melanie Register
    Research Award Administrator (Pre-Award), The University of Texas San Antonio
  31. Melinda Valenzuela, MBA
    Texas Tech University
  32. Michelle Stevenson, PhD
    Assistant VP for Research Integrity
  33. Nell Cryer
    Manager, Sponsored Programs Administration Shared Services at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  34. Ollieta L Nicholas, MBA
    Department Administrator, Interventional Radiology UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  35. Rafael Martin
    Interim VP for Research
  36. Rebecca E. Leamon
    Industry Contracts Manager, Office of Industry Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin
  37. Robyn B. Remotigue, MPPA, CRA
    Assistant Director, Office of Research Services, School of Public Heath, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
  38. Rodney Granec
    Director of Office of Sponsored Programs & Research at the University of West Alabama
  39. Sanaz Okhovat
    Asst. VP for Research Compliance
  40. Scott Davis
    Associate Director in the Office of Research Administration at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  41. Sean Rubino
    Director Research Integrity and Compliance; Export Control Officer
  42. Shayne Sims
    Assistant Director, Texas Tech University
  43. Shellie Wilburn
  44. Shelly Berry Hebb
    Assistant Director, Proposal Services, Texas A&M University
  45. Stefanie Harris
    Grants Policy Analyst, Office of Policy for Extramural Research Activities (OPERA), National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  46. Susan Wyatt Sedwick, PhD, CRA, CSM
    Consulting Associate for Attain, LLC
  47. Thomas B. Spencer, PhD, MBA
    Director of Operations Academic and Administrative Information Resources UT Southwestern Medical Center
  48. Toni Shaklee, Ph.D., CRA, CPRA
    Assistant Vice President for Research, Oklahoma State University
  49. Tonya Pinkerton, PhD, CRA
    Assistant Managing Director, Texas Tech University
  50. Tribbie Sandner
    Program Manager
  51. Troy Holbritter
    Industry Contracts Manager, Office of Industry Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin
  52. Vanessa O. Lopez, B.A., CRA
    Senior Grants & CContracts Specialist, The University of Texas at Austin