1. **All Presentations**
  2. A Paradigm Shift in Pain Management
    David Thorson, MD; Audrey Hansen BSN, MA, PMP
  3. Best Practices for Screening and Support for Women with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
    Tessa Wetjen, MPA
  4. Call Scheduling Hassles Fueling Burnout?
    Patrick Zook, MD
  5. Care of the Returning Vet
    Jeffrey Lanier, MD
  6. Foster Care is a Health Intervention
    Amelia Burgess, MD, MPH
  7. Fostering Legislative Leaders - Tobacco 21
    Alexandra Gits, MD; Dave Renner, CAE
  8. How to Prevent Youth Sports Injuries
    Michael Priola, DO
  9. Impact of Expanding Newborn Screening Panels
    Maggie Dreon, MS, CGC
  10. Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Work After Clinic
    Tim Ramer, MD
  11. MED Talks: Cultural Diversity
    Alissa Light, MS; Patricia Adam, MD; Kathleen Culhane-Pera, MD, MA
  12. MED Talks: MACRA
    Lisa Gall, Tina Frontera, Lynne Lillie, MD, FAAFP
  13. Minnesota's Changing Climate: What Family Physicians Need to Know
    Emily Onello, MD; Kristin Raab, MPH, MLA
  14. Moving from Surviving to Thriving
    Corey Martin, MD
  15. Myths of Weight Loss Surgery
    Paul Benn, MD
  16. Neurosurgery and Low Back Care
    Rohan Lall, MD
  17. Opioid Management: Algorithms, Art & Addiction
    David Frenz, MD
  18. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) - The New Cardiovascular Endemic
    Osama Ibrahim, MD
  19. Precepting Medical Students
    Darin Brink, MD
  20. Preventing Cancer Shot-by-Shot! Clinic Interventions to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates
    Robert Jacobson, MD
  21. Sulfide Mining and Human Health in Minnesota
    Debbie Allert, MD; Emily Onello, MD
  22. Supporting Patients During Ramadan
    Patricia Adam, MD
  23. Take-Home Naloxone for Accidental Opioid Overdose in Primary Care
    Mary Becker, MD
  24. The Future of the ACA, Medication Prior Authorization Reform, the Opioid Epidemic and More
    Dave Renner, CAE
  25. The Opioid Crisis in MN
    Nima Adimi, MD; Carol Falkowski, BA; David Schultz, MD
  26. Treating Skin of Color
    Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD
  27. Type 2 Diabetes: Medication Management & Patient-Centered Lifestyle Modification Support
    Alisa Nance, MD, RPh, FNLA
  28. Updates in Prenatal Screening and Testing
    Myra Wick, MD, PhD
  29. What About The Sex? Taking Sex Positive Sexual Health History for LGBTQ Patients
    Maria Kaefer, MD; EJ Olson; Jacki Trelawny
  30. YOU Can Do Palliative Care
    Jeffrey Rubins, MD