1. 01. Military Tobacco 21
    Bob Koshnick MD
  2. 02. Support Employed Physicians involvement in the MAFP and AAFP
    Julie Anderson MD, FAAFP
  3. 03. Replace the Foundation’s Dues Allocation with An Annual Gift and Matching Grant
    Board of Directors
  4. 04. Bylaws Update
    Board of Directors
  5. 05. Request for strengthening Minnesota environmental regulations to require the completion of a Health Impact Assessment(HIA) for all projects requiring an environmental assessment worksheet(EAW) or Environmental Impact Statement(EIS)
    Lake Superior Chapter
  6. 06. Support Placement and Coverage of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) in the Early Postpartum Period
    West Metro Chapter
  7. 07. Advocating for Healthy Communities
    Brandon Ng, MD; Kate Howard, MD, Kriti Choudhary, MD
  8. 08. Support community health workers to improve refugee/immigrant health
    Jenny Zhang; Jeff Sachs, MD; Zia Okocha, MD; Lauren Williams, MD; Angela Smithson, MD
  9. 09. Climate Change
    Lake Superior Chapter
  10. 10. Increasing Minnesota Immunization Rates Through Physician Education and Routine Reassessment of Patient Vaccination Status
    Elizabeth Fairbairn, Gretchen Colbenson, Stephanie Perez Kerkvliet, Kristen Bastug, Rose Olson, Emilia Vesper; University of Minnesota Medical School, Minnesota Medical Association - Medical Student Section, University of Minnesota Family Medicine Interest Group
  11. 11. Point of Care Physician Input on Governmental Health Care Committees
    Central Chapter
  12. 12. Exclude First Degree Family Members from HIPAA Requirements
    Bob Koshnick MD
  13. 13. Meatless Mondays
    Lake Superior Chapter
  14. 14. Transfer of Jurisdiction over Required Clinical Skills Examinations to U.S. Medical Schools
    Emma Sieling, MS4, Jennifer St. Peter, MS2
  15. 15. Prior Authorization
    Central Chapter
  16. 16. Request for increasing emphasis on end of life care planning
    Paul Stadem MAFP Student member and Libby McNiven, MD MAFP resident member
  17. 17. Minor Consent for HPV Vaccination
    Allison Spicher, Gretchen Colbenson, Phillip Plager; University of Minnesota Medical School, MAFP Student Members, Family Medicine Interest Group
  18. 18. Support for the Direct Primary Care Bill
    Heart of the Lakes Chapter
  19. 19. Pregnant Women Civil Commitment
    Rory Fleming, J.D.; Huiying Guo, M.D.
  20. 20. Oppose Legislative Restrictions on Health Centers Receiving Title X and Medicaid Funding
    West Metro Chapter
  21. 21. Make Birth Control Pills an OTC Drug
    Heart of the Lakes Chapter
  22. 22. Request for Policy Supporting Access for all Women to Scientifically Based Reproductive Care
    Lauren Williams, MD Resident member and Jennifer Schildmeyer Student member