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Preconference Session A

Date & Time

Apr 26th at 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM


Breakout Session #1 
Theme V - Student Success and Retention Strategies 
WSSSC Conference 


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Hilary Loeb, Puget Sound Educational Service District; Maureen Pettitt, M Pettitt Consulting; Sonia Servantes, Green River College; Aimee Brown, North Seattle College; Alice Melling, North Seattle College; Ariana Cantu, Seattle Central College; Naina Eshwar, Seattle Central College; Bo Leong, Seattle Central College; Bill Spence, Seattle Central College; Becca Abeles, South Seattle College;

Erin Barzen, South Seattle College; Julius Lloyd, South Seattle College; Megan Nord, South Seattle College; Kristi Wellington-Baker, Walla Walla Community College.

Project Finish Line (PFL), is a collaborative Gates Foundation grant with the Puget Sound Educational Service District, Walla Walla College, Green River College, and the Seattle Colleges District. Bridging the gap between national graduation targets and current rates will require changes to postsecondary practices and policies in Washington. PFL brought four South King County colleges together to design systems an implement Completion Coaching. As Walla Walla Community College made significant progress raising graduation rates, Walla Walla staff mentored PFL campus teams by sharing key successes and lessons learned. Designed for both direct service staff and administrators, this hands-on session tells the PFL story. The team of presenters will discuss communications tools, policies and other ways to nurture a culture of completion. Participants will identify strategies to strengthen the culture of completion on their campuses.