SWOG Spring 2017 Group Meeting

Welcome to SWOG's Spring 2017 Meeting!

Our work is not a static process. Everyday, we try to identify better treatments, or screening methods, or ways to relieve pain, or even how to identify new drug targets. Our tools are also ever-changing: new assay, new trial designs, new ways to collect and crunch data.

SWOG members are seekers of relentless improvement. Innovation is required to conduct cancer clinical trials, and the spirit of innovation is the theme for our 2017 group meetings. Here in San Francisco, we'll hear plenary presentations from SWOG executive officers on our most cutting-edge treatment trials operating today. We'll get the latest on improvements to ClinicalTrials.gov - the world's biggest clinical trial repository - and also learn about the latest in survivorship research.

We are exploring fresh areas outside of classic medical oncology drug testing. Three special symposia - on palliative care, translational medicine, and radiation research - will showcase key issues and opportunities for our group. The events are designed to spark discussion and debate. Those conversations will help me and my leadership team set the research agenda for years to come.

SWOG's future is so bright. We're running high-impact trials and publishing important results. Our membership is growing. year. We've got our biggest, best group of patient advocates, and we're launching exciting digital projects - including a new website by year's end.

Thank you for your pursuit of excellence, and your commitment to SWOG. Let's get ready for a great meeting. See you soon!

Charles D. Blanke, M.D.
Chair, SWOG