Jean Piaget Society 2017

Technologies & Human Development

San Francisco, 8-10 June 2017

Organizers: Carol D Lee & Colette Daiute

Human development is an interactive process. Some developmental theories emphasize interpersonal interactions; others focus on individual-societal interactions; and others address interactions via flexible technologies. Drawing on all of those traditions, one of the most intriguing theoretical proposals is that symbolic systems—words, toys, digital devices—are technologies. Such technologies evolve in culture, mediate human interactions, and transform culture and development. It is in this symbolic sense that social media, apps, interactive games, and other digital tools become meaningful—in process and in consequence.

With such a theoretical foundation to guide research and practice, the invited program for JPS 2017 focuses on the concept “technology," offering an analytic lens that will not become obsolete with the next new widget. Child, youth, and adult learning and development with games, social media, digital archives, word processors, and more can, thus, be studied as cultural tools in contexts of practice. We present this generative understanding of technology and human development by scholars with a diverse range of histories, perspectives, and research projects.

The conference is more than the invited program, and the submitted program offers papers, posters, symposia, and discussion sessions on a wide range of topics, issues, and research questions relevant to cognitive, social, and emotional, and language development.

Local Arrangements Committee & Volunteers
  • Claire Tourmen (Chair)
  • Larry Nucci (Co-Chair)
  • Abbi Graves
  • Allison Johns
  • Amelia Farid
  • Amy Banas
  • Andrew Mistak
  • Emanuela Yeung
  • Emily Campbell
  • Emily Gilden
  • Franklin Moreno
  • Hannah Mohun
  • Kate Sharp
  • Kirsten Quistberg
  • Murielle Standley
  • Robyn Gee
  • Sarah Manchanda
  • Theodora Koumoutsakis
  • Zina Besirevic
Program Reviewers
  • Abel Ruben Hernandez Ulloa
  • Ashley Maynard
  • Bill Arsenio
  • Brian D Cox
  • Bruce Homer
  • Chris Daddis
  • Chris Lalonde
  • Colette Daiute
  • Constance Miilbrath
  • David Moshman
  • David Witherington
  • Dor Abrahamson
  • Elizabeth Pufall Jones
  • Eric Amsel
  • Jan Boom
  • Jedediah Allen
  • Jeremy Carpendale
  • Keith Alward
  • Larry Nucci
  • Laura Sterponi
  • Leigh Shaw
  • Luka Lucic
  • Mark H Bickhard
  • Michael Chandler
  • Nancy Budwig
  • Philip Kreniske
  • Saba Ayman-Nolley
  • Stuart Hammond
  • Tom Bidell
  • Ulrich Müller
  • Yeh Hsueh
  • President: Cynthia Lightfoot
  • President Elect: Colette Daiute
  • Vice President, Meeting Planning: Ashley Maynard
  • Vice President, Program Arrangements & Funding Support: Susan Rivera
  • Vice President, Information Technology: Chris Lalonde
  • Vice President, Communications: Edd Taylor
  • Vice President, Membership: Michael Chandler
  • Treasurer: Tom Biddel
Board of Directors
  • 2014-2017: Eric Amsel, William Arsenio, Jan Boom, Abel Hernandez Ulloa, Cecilia Wainryb
  • 2015-2018: Tom Bidell, Jeremy Burman (Emerging Scholar), Jeremy Carpendale, Matt Schlesinger, Elliot Turiel
  • 2016-2019: Nancy Budwig, Brian Cox, Caitlin Mahy, Larry Nucci, Tania Stoltz
  • 2017-2020: Lynn Liben, Holly Recchia, Cintia Rodriguez, Barbara Rogoff, Geoffrey Saxe, David Witherington
  • Emerging Scholars Representative: Jeremy Burman