1. Scott Anderegg
    Asst. Director, Recreational Sports
  2. Jack Bartelt
    Assistant Director, Disability Services
  3. Dr. John Baworowsky
    Vice Provost of Enrollment Management
  4. Steve Blaha
    Asst. Director, Campus Ministry
  5. Ellen Blauw
    Assoc. Director, Office of International Education
  6. Jess Burkart
    Coordinator for Campus Programs
  7. Mary Sue Callan-Farley
    Director, Campus Ministry
  8. Dr. Xavier Cole
    Vice President of Student Affairs
  9. Anne Deahl
    Associate Vice Provost for Academic Support Programs and Retention
  10. Karen Desotelle
    Director, Student Educational Services
  11. Dr. Erik Janners
    Director of Music, Student Affairs
  12. Rev. Gerald (Tom) Krettek SJ
    Vice President for Mission and Ministry
  13. Corey Lansing
    Assistant Dean for Student Involvement
  14. Jessica Lothman
    Education Abroad Coordinator
  15. Dr. Michael Lovell
    President and Professor
  16. Marquette Central Staff
    Presenters for "Navigating Checkmarq"
  17. Dr. Gary Meyer
    Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  18. Tammy Meyers
    Office Associate, Office of International Education
  19. Dr. Daniel Myers
    Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
  20. Caroline Oas
    Adjunct Asst. Professor-ESL, International Education
  21. Sue Pendzich
    Administrative Assistant, Student Development
  22. Eva Martinez Powless
    Director, Intercultural Engagement
  23. Mary Ellen Spicuzza
    International Admissions/Compliance Coordinator, International Education
  24. JohnRae' Stowers
    Asst. Director, Student Educational Services
  25. Dr. John Su
    Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  26. Tamara Tyrrell
    Accounts Receivable Manager, Office of the Bursar
  27. Kelly Walker
    Coord. for Student Community Service Programs, Student Development
  28. Karli Webster
    Assoc. Director, Manager of Study Abroad, International Education
  29. Dr. William Welburn
    Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  30. Julie West
    Coord. For Leadership Programming & Student Involvement, Student Development
  31. Susan Whipple
    Asst. Director, International Education
  32. Neal Wucherer
    Director, Alumni Memorial Union