So, You Want to be an EdTech Integrator?

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Jun 7th at 2:30 PM until 3:30 PM


Best Instructional Practices 
1-hour ThinkTank Session* 
Professional Learning 
All Content Areas 


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Every EdTech integrator has a diverse story as to how they came to their position. Some function as support on a part time basis, some are full time. Roles vary widely in technical expectations and skillset while others are simply the result of being the most tech savvy educator in the building. Furthermore, some integrators are the only one of their kind for an entire district while some schools have multiple on each campus. If you are teacher who has considered going the way of supporting other educators on the EdTech side of school operations, you will want to attend this panel consisting of several teachers-gone-EdTech-integrato<wbr></wbr>rs to listen to their stories, ask questions, and discuss other topics such as product or platform specific certifications and how they may or may not benefit you in a new role.