Student Best Practices

What to Bring
Bring the appropriate tools:
  • Wash U student ID. You will be required to swipe in with your ID prior to entering the event
  • Business cards
  • Updated resumes
  • Portfolio
  • Pen
Don't worry if you forget something, an advisor is on duty in the Weston Career Center, Knight Hall, Room 210, and will be happy to help you with a solution.

Your Resume

Update your default resume in CAREERLink or MBA Focus with any summer internship accomplishments.

Dress for Success
Dress for Meet the Firms is Business Professional. It is important to portray an image that says you are confident and professional as you interact with the company representatives. See page 35 of the 2017-2018 Career Guide for standard examples of business professional dress.

Floor Plan
Quickly identify where the employers are located by referencing the floor plans on the APP. Be sure to note that there are three different levels, all filled with employers looking to meet Wash U talent.

How to Approach the Firms
  • If this is your first time participating in an event like Meet the Firms, you should plan to approach a company that may not be your top choice first. This will allow you the opportunity to practice and get the jitters out prior to approaching your top choice company.
  • Take turns practicing your introductory remarks as well as how you will end the interaction BEFORE you come to Meet the Firms. Practice with a friend or classmate. Real life practice will help make your interactions with companies feel more natural. See page 26 of the 2017-2018 Career Guide for Successful Networking tips.
Be Aware
1. You may receive invitations from employers to stop by their table. Be sure to respond to any employer pre-event invitations that you receive. If they invited you to stop by their table at Meet the Firms, be sure to mention this in your conversation. For example, “I appreciated that you reached out to me. I am very interested in opportunities at [Company Name]".

2. Plan to drop your back pack and other belongings at the Backpack Check Room located on the 3 rd floor of Bauer Hall, near student check in. You will feel more comfortable interacting without juggling extra items.

3. Contact a career advisor in the Weston Career Center, Knight Hall, Room 210, if you have any questions or need assistance with preparation, well in advance of the event date. Advisors can assist with resume review as well as general advice on how to maximize results at Meet the Firms.

4. FOR our INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Be sure to take advantage of all of the resources available to Olin international students to when developing your target lists - All of these resources are accessible to you from the Job Search for International Students page,