1. Aaron Amendolia
    Vice President
  2. Aaron LeValley
    VP, Digital Strategy & Analytics
  3. Adam Grow
    Director of Customer Success
  4. Adam Zimmerman
    Vice President
  5. Amie Becton Ray
    Dir. of Database Marketing & Strategy
  6. Amir Zonozi
    Chief of Strategy
  7. Andrew Goodrich, MBA, Ph.D.
    Sr. Assoc. AD for External Relations
  8. Andrew Nicholson
    Senior Director of Digital & Integrated Communications
  9. Anthony Bridges
    Director of IT
  10. Anthony Esposito
    Sr Director, Ticket Operations
  11. Ben Brillat
    Chief Architect
  12. Benjamin Kealy
    Global Social Media Strategy
  13. Bill Bailey
    VP - Sports & Entertainment
  14. Bill Connors
    President, Central Division
  15. Bjorn Kadlec
    Sr. Business Analyst
  16. Brendan Donohue
    Managing Director
  17. Brendan Russell
    Business Intelligence Manager
  18. Brent Leary
  19. Brett Broich
    Analytics, Operations & Strategy
  20. Brett Dowling
  21. Brian Costello
    Dir. Digital Media / Editor in Chief
  22. Brian Shield
    Vice President of IT
  23. Brian Whitney
    Senior Vice President
  24. Bruce Culbert
    Chief Service Officer
  25. Chad Chiesa
    IT Operations Manager
  26. Chad Evans
    SVP, Mobile Product Development
  27. Charlie Sung Shin
    Data Strategist and Bus. Analytics Professional
  28. Chris Freet
    Sr. Assoc. AD - External Relations/Strategic Comm.
  29. Craig Chapin
  30. Curtis Mutter
    Senior Solutions Manager
  31. Dallas Wilkes
    Manager Technology Strategy
  32. Daniel Brusilovsky
    Digital Initiatives Lead
  33. Dan Plumlee
    Director of Digital Platforms
  34. Darshan Kaler
  35. Dave Birch
    Digital Identity Expert
  36. Dave Cedrone
    Director of Business Development
  37. David August
    Director of Venue Technology & Production
  38. David Chavez
    Vice President, CTO Architecture & Business Evolution
  39. David Curry
    VP of Information Technology
  40. David Enriquez
    Sr. Dir. of Information Technology
  41. David Jones
    Senior VP of IT
  42. David Payne
    Sr. Technology Strategist - Athletics
  43. Dean Brantly
    Senior Construction Manager, Executive IT Specialist
  44. Denise Taylor
  45. Denys Lavigne
    Vice President Christie 360
  46. Derek Bellinger
    Sr. Account Executive
  47. Derek Schiller
    President, Business
  48. Don White
  49. Doug Lodder
    Senior VP Business Development
  50. Dr. Dennis Rebelo
    Chief Learning Officer, Professor
  51. Eric Klein
    Director, Marketing Analytics & Technology
  52. Eric Nichols
    Sr. Associate AD/CMO
  53. Erik Jones
  54. Erin Quigg
    CRM Analyst
  55. Eyal Mintz
  56. Ford Galvin
    Data Mgmt. & Business Intelligence
  57. Genette Sekse
    Sales Analytics & Engagement/App Project Manager
  58. George Howard
    IoT Business Architect
  59. Grace Killelea
    Author "The Confidence Effect"
  60. Greg Foster
    President and CEO
  61. Greg Gatti
    Sr. Director of IT
  62. Greg Mize
    Dir. of Digital Marketing
  63. Jack Elkins
    Director of Innovation
  64. James Stellpflug
    Vice President Media Global Product Marketing
  65. Jamie Galileo
    Senior VP of Facilities
  66. Janette Smrcka
    IT Director
  67. Jared Miller
    SVP of Analytics & Technology & CDO
  68. Jason Bond
    Computer Director
  69. Jason Jennings
    Director of Strategy
  70. Jayne Bussman-Wise
    Sr. Director, Content and Communications
  71. Jay Riola
    Director of Business Strategy
  72. Jeff Eldersveld
    Director of Digital Marketing & Analytics
  73. Jeffery Volk
    Vice President
  74. Jeff Genthner
  75. Jeff Ianello
    Executive VP, Client Partnerships
  76. Jennifer Hinkle
    Vice President, Digital Marketing
  77. Jesper Nyholm
    Denmark Olympics/ Founder & CEO
  78. Jim Connolly
    Director of IT
  79. Jim Darrow
    Director of IT
  80. Jim Faber
    Vice President, Technology Solutions
  81. Jim Hanauer
    Assistant AD, Digital Strategy & Analytics
  82. Jim Null
    Associate Athletic Director/CIO
  83. Joe Hughes
    Principal-IT Advisory Digital & Emerging Technology
  84. Joe Spirk
    Data Solutions Manager
  85. John Breedlove
    Manager, Insights & Strategy
  86. John McCauley
    Executive Director
  87. John Paul
  88. John Short
    Global Business Development Executive
  89. John Winborn
  90. Jon De Lord
    Director, Insights and Analytics
  91. Josh Frost
    Sr. Director, Product Development
  92. Justin Watkins
    Director of Business Intelligence
  93. Karri Zaremba
    Founder / COO
  94. Katee Panter
    Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Technology
  95. Katie (Crawford) Morgan
    Assistant Director, Ticket Operations
  96. Katie Kirschner
    Director, Marketing Solutions, Travel & Entertainment
  97. Kevin Anderson
    Chief Strategy Officer
  98. Krista Massey
    SVP - Marketing Activation and Engagement
  99. Larry Bonfante
    Sports Industry CIO, Executive Coach & Consultant, Founder
  100. Leah Rindler
    Sr. Manager Email Marketing
  101. Mac Slavin
    Digital Media & Sports Marketing
  102. Madison Southerlin
    Director of Marketing
  103. Marchai Bruchey
    Strategic Consultant
  104. Mark Power
    VP of Operations
  105. Mark Wyllie
  106. Matthew Baio
    Vice President Information Technology
  107. Matthew Jafarian
    Vice President Digital Strategy & Innovation
  108. Meghan Ryan
    Director Digital & Social Marketing
  109. Mia White
    CRM Manager at Miami Heat
  110. Michael Molinari
    Senior Manager, Strategic Innovation
  111. Michael Yu
    Business Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  112. Mike Grahl
    Chief Digital Officer
  113. Mike Janes
    VP of Engineering and Technology
  114. Mike King
    Business Analytics
  115. Mike Morris
  116. Mike Plant
    President, Development
  117. Mitch Helgerson
    Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing Intelligence
  118. Neha Sampat
  119. Neil Boland
  120. Nikki Barua
  121. Nina Holdread
    Athletics IT Director
  122. Patrick Lau
    Director of Business Development at CommScope, Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions.
  123. Paul Greenberg
    Board Business Advisor
  124. Paul Hawryluk
  125. Peter Lojko
    Director of Sales and Marketing
  126. Philip DiPaula
    Senior Sales Consultant
  127. Phil Ross
    Oracle Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment Sales Engineer
  128. Priya Narasimhan
  129. Ray Pimienta
    Manager, CRM Systems Development
  130. Richard Pinnick
    SVP Global Business Development
  131. Rich Wang
    Director of Analytics & Fan Engagement
  132. Robert Occhialini
    VP of eSports Products & Technology
  133. Russell Scibetti
    President, KORE Planning & Insights
  134. Ryan Bishara
    Dir. Corporate Partnership Strategy
  135. Ryan Frankson
    Dir., Social Media & Publications
  136. Sarah Koontz
    Database Marketing and Analytics Manager
  137. Sasha Puric
    VP Technology
  138. Sasha Victorine
    Chief Solution Officer
  139. Scott Kegley
    Executive Dir. of Digital Media & Innovation
  140. Sean True
    Sr. Director, Club Services & Baseball Tech
  141. Shane Harmon
    Chief Executive
  142. Shannon Miller
    Digital and iX Lead
  143. Stacy McGranor
    CRM Marketing Manager
  144. Stephen Bourke
    Sports Strategist
  145. Stephen Bowles
    Founder & CEO
  146. Steve Conley
    Director of IT
  147. Steve Demots
  148. Steve Reese
  149. Tery Howard
    VP of Information Technology
  150. Thomas Moats
    Asst. AD Information Technology
  151. Thomas Peterson
    Sports Business and Systems Development
  152. Tod Caflisch
    SEAT Consultant
  153. Todd Christner
    Director of Sports & Entertainment Solutions
  154. Todd Landry
    Global Sports Vice President, Market Strategy
  155. Tom Halls
    Sr. Digital Strategist
  156. Tommy Regan
    Director of IT
  157. Zach Taylor