Historicon 2017

HISTORICON® 2017 July 12 - 16Theme: 100 Years of Tanks

The theme for Historicon 2017 is the Tank (100 years of armored warfare). The tank was designed to place fear into the men opposing it and to break the stalemate of trench warfare during World War I. Years later with ever improving designs and tactics it became a weapon that lead the terrifying “Blitzkrieg” in the early days of World War II. During World War II the tank continued to evolve into one of the War's most feared weapons. The terror causing “Tiger Tank” to name just one. The Tank became larger, mounted heaver armament, increased its speed and the armor protection increased. Tanks in the Post World War II years have improved and became the spear tip of Cold War era. Today they are still being used with “Blitzkrieg” type tactics as seen in the assault into Iraq and is being used in other Middle East conflicts. There is no telling what the next generations of Tanks will look like and how they will be armed and armored.

The HMGS War College Seminars will have some very interesting speakers, historians and experts on various subjects. Please try to stop in and give a listen. Take part in a discussion and answer period.

As always HISTORICON 2017 will be a weekend of fun, gaming, shopping and mayhem. Use this guidebook app to provide a mobile version of your paper program guide. It will help you find your event, vendor, or seminar, maintain your personal schedule and to-do list and connect you to the world of social media to live tweet about your game as it happens.