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Keep those last important days on campus well organized for students and their guests for the big graduate day.

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Remind students of their graduation checklist

From Student to Alumni

Encourage students to enter the next phase of the student lifecycle: active alumni.

Parking and Transportation

Keep traffic flowing to the correct locations and help guests find shuttles.

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Important Updates & Reminders

스케줄 업데이트, 푸시 알림을 통해 학생들에게 가장 최신의 정보를 제공하세요.

Custom Lists

졸업 요건을 충족시키기 위한 중요 정보들을 보기쉽게 정리하여 제공하세요.

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Private women’s liberal arts college employs mobile apps to organize their graduation ceremony. Their mobile app includes:

  • Commencement speaker information including photos and bio
  • Messaging to keep everything on track
  • Links to all the graduation vendors for rings, yearbooks, class photos and more

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