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New Student Programs

Quickly and easily create mobile guides for first-year, first generation, and transitioning students. Deliver orientation, transition, welcome programming and retention programs, first-year resources, and essential campus information to equip students to successfully navigate campus their first year.

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학생들의 졸업 서포트

Position campus programs and resources critical for student retention. Promote events that support student networking, involvement, and access to resources to aid their college experience.

First-year Resources

새내기를 위한 전반적인 가이드북을 제작해 보세요. 새터 프로그램, 영어 반 배치시험 일정, 수강신청 정보, 학교 건물안내 등 학생들이 알아야하는 주요 정보들을 모두 앱에 탑재하실 수 있습니다.

신입생 오리엔테이션

Bring together essential campus information for new students’ transition to college. Develop beyond paper products and create dynamic interactive spaces for new students to connect to their peers and campus.

Transfer Student Services

편입 학생 역시 신입생 만큼이나 캠퍼스를 낯설어합니다. 새로이 학교에 입학한 학생들을 위해 가이드를 제작해 보세요.

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Excite students before they arrive in the fall. Feature unique multi-day series of events, with multiple tracks, focused on new students and their families and guests.

가이드북을 사랑하는 전 세계 대학들

Home of the Longhorns, this Big 12 school uses mobile apps to welcome new undergrads, transfer students and members of graduate study programs. Their mobile apps include:

  • Pre-orientation checklists to help incoming students prepare for on-campus life
  • Information on academics and testing
  • Packing lists including things you won’t need on campus

MBA students at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University, had access to student information directly on their smartphones:

  • Able to view timetables, wherever they were on campus
  • Access to class directories and contacts for faculty members
  • Created a community feeling by actively engaging with other students and staff

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