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Executive Team

Jeff Lewis

CEO and Co-founder

Guidebook을 창업하기 이전, 글로벌 TrialPay의 초기 멤버로 커리어를 시작하여, Criteo의 첫 미국 직원으로 세일즈를 리드하며 지사를 40명 이상의 규모로 성장시켰습니다. University of California, Santa Cruz에서 천체물리학을 전공했습니다.

Peter Lada

Creative Director and Co-founder • @pklada

10년 이상 웹 디자인/개발을 해오고 있습니다. Guidebook을 창업하기 이전, Snoopr의 공동 창업하였고, Slashdot과 Princeton University와 같은 대형 클라이언트를 대상으로 하는 부티크 디자인 스튜디오를 운영, Cisco에서 소셜미디어 기술 리드로서 일했습니다. Northeastern University에서 경영정보시스템과 마케팅을 전공했습니다.

Wayne Morris

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Wayne leads our global Sales, Account Management, Customer Success and Partnerships teams. Wayne joined Guidebook in 2014 as VP EMEA. After successfully launching and growing our European business, he was promoted to VP International, where he assumed responsibilities for Guidebook's APAC operations. Under Wayne's leadership, Guidebook’s growth and customer retention has led the industry. Prior to Guidebook, Wayne was instrumental in the success of a number of startups, including Hitwise (sold to Experian) and Maxymiser (sold to Oracle). He has held management positions at Yahoo! and Criteo. Wayne holds a Communication Studies degree from Bournemouth University in the UK.

Pete Banks

VP Engineering

Pete is responsible for Guidebook's technology and corporate IT teams. He is a seasoned tech executive with over 20 years of industry experience. Pete brings a global leadership perspective and has led development teams focusing on areas such as online gaming, streaming video and digital fitness. He has previously helped multiple startups mature into successful companies that were ultimately acquired. In addition to startup experience, Pete has worked with brands such as Viacom, Nickelodeon and Pete holds a computer science degree from Northwestern University.

Irin Son

Head of Human Resources

As Guidebook's Head of People, Irin is dedicated to building the best people-centered org at Guidebook. We believe that investing in our people–through development, coaching, and culture–is critical to business success. She is a huge believer in the positive and strong impact good HR practices can have an on an organization and strives to create the best people experience for every employee from initial interview to hire and beyond.

Scott Lavelle

VP Marketing

Scott leads the Marketing team at Guidebook, including performance marketing, lifecycle marketing, brand and PR strategy. Scott also leads the Growth team, focusing on experimentation and other growth initiatives. Previously, he served as Director, Marketing at OpenTable, where he led the global search marketing team and helped establish a cross-functional growth team focusing on experimentation, content and site development. Prior to that, Scott held digital marketing leadership roles at Shutterfly and Williams-Sonoma. Scott earned his MBA from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego.

Jeff Lewis

Peter Lada

Wayne Morris

Pete Banks

Irin Son

Scott Lavelle

Hannah Baumgardner

Branko Bibic

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Greg Bremble

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Chris Casey

Kevin Chang

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Connor Zindroski

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