11 Cats Only Meeting Planners Will Know

1. The cat who falls asleep during the keynote.

cat fell asleep at the keynote meeting planners

You all know this guy. But is it really his fault after that big meal of Chicken Wheels and rice pilaf? Give your speakers the tools they need to engage the audience, like live in-app polling.

2. The cat who won’t travel.

meeting planner cat

A valuable part of your audience might be unable to join you in person. Given that the value of a meeting is in its content and networking–which should last much longer than the event itself–how can you capitalize on this? Learn about whether you should consider accommodating virtual attendees.


3. The cat who stays too late at the party.

meeting planner too long at the tparty

At some point you’re going to have to say something to this guy.

4. The cat who brings friends who aren’t on the list.

meeting planners cat brings friends who aren't on the listNo badge, no entry!

5. The cat who has no idea you have a meeting app.

meeting planner cat paper

6. In his defense, he’s old-school. And maybe you made a little too easy to reach for paper?

To get everyone to use the app you need to tell them–in lots of ways. Here’s an ebook on app promotion.

7. The cat who is lost.

lost cat meeting planner

A good map is a must. Learn how well-executed maps are at the heart of your overall event design!


8. The cat who steals bottles of wine.

eeting planner cat stealing wine

You going to finish that whole thing in your hotel room, buddy?

9. The cat who has to check in everywhere.

meeting planner cat check in

If the internet doesn’t know, did it really happen? Let’s talk about event check-in and how you can encourage and benefit from cats like this.

10. The cat who aggressively networks.

meeting planners cat who aggressively networks

Attendees state, overwhelmingly, that they come to meetings to network. Give them what they want with these crucial (and creative) tips to facilitate networking, from an industry expert.

11. The cat who has opinions.

meeting planners cats with opinions

Let his voice be heard with real-time session-level feedback–and get strategies for designing your conference surveys from an information-collection-design industry whiz.

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