Top 7 Reasons to Download the Event App This Time

If you attend conferences, festivals, trade shows or any other kind of event, you’ve probably noticed that the organizers are encouraging you to download an event app.

But why should you take the trouble, particularly if you’re used to the printed programs and handouts?

We talked to real event-goers like you to find out.

1. You could get a cheaper ticket

According to the Center for Sustainable Tourism, the average conference attendee can take home ten pounds of paper. When you download the event app, you’re telling event organizers that they can phase out paper printing–and that adds up to a LOT of savings. It’s not unusual for an event to reduce costs by 90% by moving to mobile.

And event organizers looking to compete will pass that savings on to you–whether by reducing your ticket price, improving the quality of the location or attractions, or making the event bigger and better overall.

2. You’ll be more productive

You get much more than just a mobile version of the agenda when you download the event app. Your smartphone and tablet are within reach anyway, and the app gives you plenty of ways to organize, plan and enjoy your time at the event.

download event app for interactive maps

We talked with attendees just like you about the reasons they’re adopting a fully mobile event experience.

Easy-to navigate agendas and maps

“Have you ever thought to yourself ‘What’s next?'” asks Tim Valton, who’s used the Guidebook app for “the numerous conferences I’ve attended throughout my career in higher education.”

Your event app allows you to easily browse agendas and maps, even if there are multiple schedule tracks and campuses. Tim says he gets a productivity boost at events from the ability to quickly navigate all schedules–no matter how complex. Clicking into a schedule item gives you all the relevant details, links and travel info. Your event app download will make you more aware of everything that’s happening!

Personal schedules and to-do lists

“The best bit by far is being able to create my own schedule from available sessions and workshops–now that’s a way to be more productive!”

Sam Dick, downloaded the event app for #LAC14

Sam Dick downloaded the event app at the Library Assessment Conference 2014 in Seattle. The organizers did a great job letting attendees know about the app–sharing the details on the conference website, on Twitter and in emails about the event.

This was Sam’s first time using an event app. She liked that she could organize her schedule ahead of time on any device. “And it’s all available in one easy to access place and synced across devices…..awesome!” Sam said.

3. You’re saving the world

Events are traditionally wasteful. But event planners are working to become more green, and reducing printing is the easiest way to be more eco-friendly.

it's green to download the event app

Downloading the event app–and deciding NOT to pick up any printed materials–is the best way to support these efforts. Say no to paper printing!

4. You’re missing out if you DON’T download the event app

Your event organizers are moving to mobile for more than just reducing paper waste and cost.

Your app is more accurate

download event app

The folks running your event can update the app in real-time, which means those printed programs are out of date. Interactive elements within the app let you find associated maps, downloads and links. That’s something a printed agenda just can’t do. And organizers are counting on plenty of event app downloads so those with the app can spread the word.

You’ll get important announcements

Room change? Special offer? Surprise guest? If you download the event app, you’ll get push notifications about the most crucial information. (Don’t worry–your conference organizers are limited to a few per day, so it won’t become overwhelming.)

Fun app-only features

If your event has a scavenger hunt game, a shared photo set or a photo contest, you’ll only be able to play along if you download the app.

5. You might have some misconceptions about the way it works

We took a look at thousands of feedback comments left by people who downloaded the Guidebook event app, and we’re here to clear up any points of confusion.

You don’t need cell service or internet to use it

Wifi at events can be a real downer. But your app works offline. That’s right–it works natively on your phone or tablet, whether the connection works or not.

Pro tip: Download the event app before you get to the venue. That way, you won’t need to rely on the connectivity on-site. And if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll avoid roaming charges.

(Have you ever wondered why the event wifi never works? It’s an expensive problem–we wrote an article and made a little infographic to break it down.)

You don’t have to pay anything

Your event app download is completely free, and there are no in-app ads or charges. And hey–if you win a contest or get a push notification about a special deal, you might even find yourself in the black!

6. You’ll network differently

Are you here to network? Download the event app to check in, find out who else is there, and exchange contact cards with the people you meet.

meet people when you download event app

We spoke with a networking industry leader to learn about why and how people network at events, and how your app can help.

7. They’re doing it for you.

The number one reason Guidebook event planners say they want to promote event app downloads? Attendee satisfaction. This is all for you!


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