8 Amazing Event Catering Vendors for Every Type of Food Mood

You can put a ton of thought into all your vendors and get the perfect venue, entertainment and swag – but what truly makes a memorable experience is the food. Everyone knows that the way to win attendees (and anyone) is through their stomachs. But event catering is not a one-size-fits-all decision. The food has to match the mood of your event!

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of too-good-to-be-true catering vendors that will appease any food mood. Just try to make it through this whole post without drooling. (Spoiler alert: it’s impossible.)

1. Pizza Politana

Moods: Warm, Old World, Rustic, Pop-Up Dinner

You know that great feeling of sitting in a restaurant with a wood-fired oven, waiting for that perfectly crisp Neapolitan pizza to come out fresh and piping hot? What if it were possible to recreate that literally anywhere?

event catering pizza politana

Luckily for you, Pizza Politana in Petaluma, California has its own traveling wood-fired ovens that they bring to your event. Then let the good times roll as they start cranking out made-to-order wood fired pizzas for you and your guests. It’s not exactly dissimilar from this:


2. Coolhaus

Moods: Childhood Memories, Summer, Fun, Personal

Coolhaus operates an epic fleet of ice cream trucks with a twist – they’ll hand-scoop ice cream sammies for you with their wildly creative flavors. Get a load of some of these concoctions: Avocado Sriracha, Beer & Pretzels, Brown Butter Candied Bacon, Foie Gras PB&J, Peking Duck, Spiked Coffee & Donuts. I’ll let that sink in.

event catering coolhaus

Coolhaus will roll up one of its trucks at your event or even create a pop-up ice cream bar – both with scooped-to-order service. For that extra mile, Coolhaus even offers exciting brand integrations with custom flavors, vinyl truck wraps and social media support. Now that’s an ice cream experience!

3. Epic Bites

Moods: Classics, Upscale, Elegant, Kosher

Epic Bites puts a classy spin on classic foods. When you’re eating a dish called Reuben 2.0 with rye gnocchi or french toast with peanut butter mousse and powdered jam – you know you’ve taken it to the next level.

event catering epic

Chef Isaac Bernstein may delight in mixing and matching the new and traditional, but what really sets this cuisine apart is that all of his dishes are kosher. Because of his innovation, he’s been able to bring the kosher touch to “flavors of the non-kosher pallet.”

4. Hollywood Candy Girls

Moods: Party, Glam, Extravagant, Sugar High

With a motto like “If you can dream it, we can make it,” it should be obvious that Hollywood Candy Girls is a catering company in a league of its own. Candy artist Jackie Sorkin has gained a reputation for crafting unbelievable candy sculptures that become events in and of themselves.

event catering candy

If you’re looking for a sweet showstopper, think about Hollywood Candy Girls’ candy centerpieces or glowing, custom-flavored cotton candy spun fresh at your event. Then have fun telling everyone that you hired Willy Wonka as your candy consultant.

5. Bekker’s Catering

Moods: Oom-pah Bands, Lederhosen, Mugs of Beer, Comfort Food

Bekker’s makes the list thanks to its German Oktoberfest Menu. It’s an authentic German festival brought straight to your attendees without having to buy everyone flights to Munich. The menu is complete with bratwurst, wienerschnitzel, sauerbraten and strudel.

If you want, Bekker’s will grill it all right there at your event. Other surprising menu items include a full German Oom-Pah Band, a German accordionist in lederhosen, and German traditional folk dancers. Prost!

6. Porkies

Moods: Backyard, Homespun, Farm, Family Get-together

How about a good, old-fashioned pig roast? Porkies is the place to go if you’re looking to go snout-to-tail. If you’ve got a very hungry bunch, they’ll even thrown in barbequed chicken and brisket to make it an all-out cookout.

event catering pig roast

Hire Porkies and their traveling pig cookers to give your event that outdoorsy, family-reunion type feel. People can’t help but smile when there’s good barbeque, good beer, and a dizzy bat race. It’s the neighborhood picnic of your youth – back with a vengeance!

7. Eco Caters

Moods: Local, Sustainable, Seasonal, Farm-to-table

If your event has a fresh, local vibe – back it up with fresh, local food. Eco Caters offers organic catering that you can feel good about with hand-picked produce and meats from their regionally-based head chefs. Just imagine the off-the-charts attendee delight as they’re eating Honey Tamari Marinated Sirloin with Ginger Peppercorn Sauce or Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter and Crispy Sage.

event catering eco

Executive Chef Nicholas Brune cut his teeth in New Orleans at Mr. B’s Bistro. Since then, he’s moved to Southern California and has cooked his knockout cuisine for the likes of Jennifer Lopez. And let’s be honest – if it’s good enough for JLo, it’s more than sufficient for the rest of us.

8. Kitchen Mouse Catering Co.

Moods: Honest, Healthy, Inclusive, Unbearably Cute

With Kitchen Mouse, every single one of your attendees can feel great about what they’re eating. This special catering company strives to concoct delicious dishes that can also fit within a variety of diets. From vegan to gluten-free, they make sure that there’s no such thing as an eating “restriction.”

event catering kitchen mouse

Have you ever seen a taco bar that included a Tempeh Reuben taco, a Buffalo Cauliflower taco or a Black Bean Succotash taco? More importantly, has your mouth ever watered so much without a severe amount of guilt attached to your overwhelming desire to eat everything within sight?

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