Anyone Can Create an App. (Now. For Free.)

We don’t often post specifically about Guidebook and how our clients use it. But I’ve been hearing so many excellent Guidebook uses lately! So today I want to showcase some of the creative ways you (or anyone) can create an app in 4 easy steps.

We’ve always found Guidebook to be more than just a company that lets you make apps for traditional events and universities. And it turns out that with our flexible build platform, people from all over the world have been sussing out interesting ways to create an app for… just about everything.

1. Create an app for a tourist attraction

Tourists! They always need up-to-date information, maps, tips, transportation details and more.

There are dozens of national park guides in Guidebook, all available to the public. Search for your favorite–it’s probably in there! I liked Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Users can find trail maps and popular scenic spots, make a personal to-do list and check off activities once they’ve been completed, and access valuable park information.

Showcase your commitment to the environment when you create an app for tourists–with no more paper, your guide is always updated and available in their pockets.

Best of all, just like Beyoncé, Guidebook guides are flawless when they wake up, even without wifi or a cellular connection. Once the guide is downloaded, you’re ready to go. (Perfect for when you’re climbing around inside a volcano.)


how to create an app for a tourist attraction

2. Create an app guide to a video game

The intricacies of a complex action-adventure video game like Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker are the subject of much documentation and speculation. There are wikis, forums and lengthy commenter discussions.

Because Guidebook allows you to create an app for almost anything that benefits from organization (place, time, concept), it’s a perfect platform for a video game guide. Gamers can access maps and character sheets, share screenshots with other players, and broadcast their experience to the world with built-in social media.

create a video game guide app

3. Create an app to organize a baseball tournament

If there’s a group of people who need accurate info to stay organized, there’s a guide. I’ve seen our community creating apps to help parents keep track of kids traveling on a music trip, big companies providing framework for incentive trips, gamers cataloguing game cards… and now, a facility that runs a digital guide to baseball tournaments.

The app offers direct access to televised games, calendars with specific tournament information, a shared photoset and a built-in social function for bragging about wins. And the group is even generating revenue through in-app banner ads!

see how someone created an app for a sports tournament

4. Create an app to organize a VIP trip

Taking care of valued guests goes a lot more smoothly when they have instant, accurate access to logistical information. Whether you’re entertaining VIP partners or your VIP parents-in-law, create an app to offer crucial details about the trip, from travel info to personal contact information.


create an app to organize a trip

Want to create an app now? Get in there and make one. It’s free!

 create an app for free

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