Big Benefits for Using an App for Your Small Meetings

We’ve seen the benefits an app can have for large conferences and tradeshows. From providing valuable event information like session and speaker details to enabling attendees to engage with one another and an event’s content – event apps work to enhance events through building connections.

The benefits we see in large events are true for small events and meetings, too.

Why Mobile for Meetings?

Globally, mobile has overtaken desktop as the main way to access the internet, according to SmartInsights. While computers are still critical in the workplace, mobile is increasingly integrated into how employees do business.

Looking at meetings specifically, we know employees appreciate clear communication and what better way to deliver it to them than on the platform of choice – mobile. In addition to improving communication, utilizing a mobile app for meetings has many benefits for a team or organization before, during, and after your meeting.

Pre-Meeting Benefits

Improve Organization. Get your entire team on the same page leading up to your meeting. Create an agenda, assign speaking roles, and publish a schedule to the app ahead of a meeting so that every team member has visibility to meeting details prior to walking in the room.

Distribute Content. Provide content ahead of the meeting. Upload meeting slides, notes, and supporting materials before your meeting so each team member has the right materials to prepare for the meeting.

Benefits During Your Meeting

Mobile meeting minutes. Gather notes, track any important decisions made, and assign action items to be completed following the meeting. With Guidebook’s discussion feature, any participant can contribute valuable notes.

Content on hand. Provide guiding documents that are easily accessible for reference during the meeting.

Encourage engagement. Even if your team is spread out across offices, a mobile app makes group discussion engaging for everybody. Utilize tools like live polling and interactive chat feeds to enable every participant to share their thoughts.

Post-Meeting Benefits

Gather feedback. With a post-event survey, you can gather feedback while it’s top of mind. Just schedule a push notification to go out following your meeting and you’ll get feedback while it’s still fresh.

Continue the conversation. Follow-up questions or comments commonly arise after a meeting. With a dedicated meeting app, the conversation can continue! Empower your stakeholders to work through any lingering questions in the app.

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, with mobile, you have increased control over creating an experience that will truly benefit your team. Whether its an organization meeting, executive meeting, or board meeting – with Guidebook you can replace a stack of emails with a tool that benefits you and your team.

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