Real Festival App: The Cherry Creek Arts Festival

The CCAF is a three-day cultural arts festival that attracts 350,000 visitors every year. For an event of this size and nature, a mobile guide is essential in that it helps attendees plan out their schedules and make the most of their festival experience.

This festival app is visually appealing and user-friendly

festival app from Guidebook

One of the CCAF guide’s main strengths is its organization. Information on different types of artists (visual, culinary, and performing) is organized in separate folders with custom icons. Within each folder, artists are arranged by booth and type. Visitors can easily find out where their favorite artists are located, what they are selling, and even check out links to their websites. The guide also includes a special Kids’ Activities section, which is a great addition for this family-friendly festival.

Guidebook's cherry creek festival app

Visitors can browse art right in the app

Another thing that sets the CCAF guide apart is its creative use of our photo album feature. The “Art Galleries” section gives visitors a fun way to browse photos of the artwork being exhibited at the festival. Different types of artwork are organized in folders according to medium (i.e. digital art, glass, jewelry) to keep the gallery easy to navigate.

Guidebook art festival app

In-app feedback helps improve future events

The CCAF guide also takes advantage of our feedback section. This frequently overlooked feature provides a great way for event organizers to garner valuable insights about their event. Questions such as the ones CCAF asked (“What motivated you to attend our event?”, “What areas of the festival did you visit?” and “How much money did you spend at the festival”) can help event organizers improve their events in the future.

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