Cut down on the time it takes to organize event content

It’s no coincidence that Event Coordinator was ranked the 8th most stressful job of 2015.

Between event logistics and making sure attendees actually show up, we know you have no time to spare. We understand just how chaotic organizing an event can be, so we provide collaboration tools to let you delegate information gathering and uploading.

Using the Collaboration Center, you can allow speakers to fill out and edit their biography, photo, or session information on their own. After speakers enter their information, you can publish the updates on your own time.

Why limit this tool to just my speakers?

The Collaboration Center can actually be used for any event contributor. Sponsors, exhibitors, panelists, or even other event coordinators assisting you can all participate.

3 Easy steps

  1. Invite – Add the email of the speaker collaborating on the guide.
  2. Upload – The speaker will get an email to upload the information they want to share.
  3. Publish – Review the changes in Builder and publish the updates.
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