Event App Features to Effectively Engage with Your Audience

This quarter, our GuideTalk webinar highlighted new features that will make your event app engaging for attendees. Our team had a lot of fun putting this one together. And everyone who attended asked great questions.

If you weren’t able to attend, you’re in luck! Watch the webinar below and skim this post, so you can learn the best ways to use these features in your app.

Custom lists for your event app

The custom list is a fundamental building block of your guide. It is a menu item that houses content for your users. You can add as many custom lists as you need in order to provide information to your users.

Each custom list will have a name and an icon. Your custom lists can be placed on the main menu itself, or they can live inside a folder if you have a lot of content to keep organized.

Here are some examples of custom lists you might include in your event app

  • Speakers or Presenters
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Award Winners
  • Staff Members
  • Departments on Campus
  • Nearby Restaurants or Attractions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Presentation Materials or Abstracts

Key custom lists integrations to use in your event app

Video embedded within your app

When you add videos to your app, users can interact with the video the same way they would on YouTube. So, they don’t get redirected to a new page. Viewing happens within your event app.

Video creates opportunities to bring in-person elements to hybrid events. For example, potential employers at a Career Fair can make their booth digital with a representative available to remote attendees.

You can also provide more formal communication for events with large audiences. For example, orientation or training leaders can share welcome messages, resources, and curriculum pieces through video.

Contact forms in your event app

In addition to providing content, you can create opportunities for networking through Custom Lists.

The contact form feature allows you to set a designated email recipient for each custom list item. When your users tap the “Contact” button, they can send an email through our platform.

For example, our clients use the contact form feature so that:

  • Exhibitors can gather leads and follow up with booth visitors more quickly
  • New hires can ask questions and feel confident they have contacted the right people

Appointment scheduling in your app

With Appointment-Scheduling, you can include a Meeting Link on each custom list item. When users tap the “Schedule Meeting” button, they’ll see the corresponding person’s calendar and can set up an appointment with them.

This is a great way for:

  • Attendees to secure appointments with Sponsor representatives.
  • And also for Prospective Students visiting campus to connect with department heads easily.

Learn how to add custom lists to your event app step-by-step

QR pages for your event app

QR pages help users quickly download your app and access content.

After you have set up a Custom List, you can generate QR Pages for each list item. A QR Page has a QR Code on it for your users to scan. You have the option to include some information – like the name of the custom list item or the description text, so your users know where they’re going in your app once they scan the QR Code.

Event app qr code

You can print hard copies of your QR Pages or display them digitally. Either way, users simply scan the QR code with their camera to instantly access the content inside your app.

Gated Lists for your event app

Last but not least, are Gated Lists. With Gated Lists, you can manage users’ access to content within your app – on a list-by-list basis.

Essentially, you add your content and then upload your users’ email addresses to our content management system, Guidebook Builder. Then, you set visibility permissions for each list by selecting the users or groups who are allowed to see that content once they log in. We walk through this process in the demo portion of the webinar.

Guidebook offers privacy settings for your app overall, but with Gated Lists, you have more nuanced control. It’s a great way to keep your community together for networking and notifications – while also getting the right content in the hands of the right people.

Get the most out of your app

Our team is ready to answer your questions. Book a learning session where you can talk to us about your event. And we’ll show you how your event app can take your event to the next level.

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