How to Avoid Falling Short on your Event App Marketing

We know that event apps are super valuable. They’re better for the environment, they make planners’ lives easier, and in the end they cost less. It’s possible, however, to really mess it up–if you don’t have any downloads, what’s the point? Master your event app marketing to ensure you’re getting the adoption and engagement you want!

It’s Up to You to Tell Them

The term for the number of your visitors who use your app is “event app adoption”. And the higher your adoption numbers, the lower the cost-per-attendee, meaning that you’re getting a higher return on investment.

Event app marketing is in your hands. When you build an amazing event guide, you need to make sure people are using it. It will enrich their experience and give you valuable data.

We Know It’s an Extra Step

60% of event app administrators say they know they’re not doing enough for event app marketing.

It can feel tiresome expend effort into marketing your event app in addition to everything else you need to do. The planners we’ve talked to wish there was more support, more information and more guidance. It can be confusing!

Luckily, event app marketing fits in nicely with the other promotion you’re doing, and if you know what you’re doing, it’s not much extra work. And it really pays off!

Before we get into it, we published this eBook about event app marketing. It lists, step-by-step, how you can integrate the message and value of your event app into the promotion you’re already doing. Follow the steps in the eBook and you’ll have record adoption numbers.

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The Basics of Event App Marketing:

1. Tackle Early Adoption

Familiarizing users with your app early is the #1 key to adoption. While we don’t suggest you share the event app before it’s built, you should share it early—even if some of the finer details are “TBD”. You can make changes to the guide anytime!

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Start talking about the app early. All information you share about your event or location should include the benefits and instructions for finding your app.

2. Communicate Completely

People absorb information in a variety of ways…and sometimes they need to be told twice! Persistence is key when explaining the value of your event app.

Include event app details in your email, articles, blog posts and on social media. Text app details to attendees and tell your story in the press. We can set you up with download instructions for your attendees, which you can just email out and be good to go!

Wondering if the early app adopters will become ambassadors and share your app details on social media, thereby doing all the work for you? Well, certainly some people will be excited about your app and will tell their friends, and you can encourage and incentivize this. But if you’re sitting around waiting for the concept to go automagically viral, you will be waiting a long time. Different channels are needed for different people.

3. Make It Easy With On-Site Event App Marketing

First of all, you’ll see a dramatic increase in app downloads if you cut out printing entirely. (You can learn about how to do that in this article on event printing.)

Help yourself out. If you’re using printed materials as an alternative, only offer them upon request.

In addition to making the event app more prominent than any printed alternatives, put information about the app everywhere!

  • Attendee badges
  • Posters everywhere (even bathroom doors)
  • Display screens
  • Train speakers to mention it

4. Pump Up the Value

If you approach guide use like it’s just a nice benefit, you’ll miss out on the adoption numbers you’ve been dreaming of.

Make your guide essential! When you create a community of users who upload photos, connect with each other, share socially, and interact with the guide on Interact and by making personal schedules, you establish the guide as a must-have. (Interested in learning more about increasing your attendee engagement? Click below to download another great eBook on just that!)

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Your guide opens up a whole new way for your users to see the world you’re sharing with them.

  • Share this article about the value of downloading the event app with your users.
  • It’s easy to set up a projected live feed of guide users’ photos and social shares. Only available for those who have the guide!
  • Hold a photo competition.
  • Use push notifications to share real-time news, tips or offers.

5. Stick To The Plan

Get the full event app marketing eBook and a handy checklist right here, or visit our article on driving event app downloads.

Click the ebook and it’s yours!

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