An Event Planner's Guide To Fun

If we know anything about event planners, it’s that they work hard and play even harder (which, when you think about it, is a monumental feat). That’s why we also try to always have fun on the Guidebook blog. Life isn’t all venues and vendors. Well…a significant portion of it is. But there is definitely the dancing and daiquiri side too!

Feast your eyes on this round-up of some of Guidebook’s gratuitous fun over the past year. Happiness, after all, is scientifically linked to productivity.

4 Major Event Fails (And How They Were Spun)

We’d probably all add several years to our lives if we were just able to admit that it’s not possible for every little thing to go perfectly at every event. It’s all about expectations. If you’ve had a recent defeat – or are sweating something small – let these major blunders lift your soul. Schadenfreude can cure anyone’s blues.

sochi rings event fail

Relive the Music With These Gorgeous Festival Maps

We learned that maps can be a central part of any event – and special attention should be paid to them if you want a highly engaging event. As a result, we could all learn a little from these groovy festival maps – where art meets function. And portapotties.


13 Signs You’re Attending Too Many Conferences

Sourced from real-life event planners just like yourself – let these gifs sing you the song of our people.

too many conferences bag

Fellowship of the Event Marketing Ring

Sometimes getting an event on track can feel like a march to Mordor – but isn’t that what friends are for – bearing the weight of The One Ring? Are you an Event Marketing Wizard or an Event Marketing Hobbit? Find out now!


Critical Analyses of Visual Event Planning Jokes

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have an affinity for organization and careful consideration. So do we. And we applied those principles to the web’s visual event planning jokes. Not all puns are created equal.

we review event planning jokes

You Know You’re An Event Planner When…

What if Jeff Foxworthy did event planning humor and communicated entirely in Venn Diagrams? Find out! Who knew your 2nd grade teacher’s favorite comparative tool could be so fun?

event planner venn diagrams

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