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The event planning industry never stands still, and it can be overwhelming when looking for thought leaders and resources to keep up with trends. To help out, we’re letting you in on some of our favorite resources from around the internets (in addition to our own operation here). Check them out and tell us your favorite event planning blog!

Event Planning Blueprint

Event planning blueprint logo

Event Planning Blueprint actually refers to a set of tools produced by Melanie Woodward meant for up-and-coming event planners to get their careers off the ground. If you’re willing to jump the paywalls you’ll find resources like “Make Every Client Want You” and a “Business Launch Formula.”

Melanie also writes a free event planning blog, however, with lots of great, concise articles for bootstrapping #eventprofs looking to make a profitable business for themselves. You’ll find webinars from Melanie’s YouTube channel and lots of just-starting-out goodies.

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Velvet Chainsaw

velvet chainsawThe folks at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting are deep thinkers and it shows in their thought-leadership-style articles. You’ll probably want to pay close attention to anything that Jeff Hurt writes.

He’s a veteran of the events and meetings industry and provides plenty of valuable insight that’s most definitely shaping the way people think about how we conduct annual meetings, conferences and education through this event planning blog.

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Event Manager Blog

Event Manager blog logoEvent Manager Blog is definitely a big dog event planning blog. Started in 2007 by Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog made an international name for itself with tentpole pieces of content such as its annual ‘10 Event Trends’ and ‘The Event App Bible.’

The great thing about Event Manager Blog is that it’s comprehensive and nicely organized – making it easy to find the resources you’re looking for. Also check out the affiliated LinkedIn group: Event Planning & Management.

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techsytalk logoTechsytalk is an event planning blog produced by friend-of-the-Guidebook-blog Liz King, a tech-savvy event planner based in New York City. Liz’s business was born of her interest in industry trends and her eagerness to share them with other professionals.

With a fun voice and influencer commentary, this passion still shines through in techsytalk. Liz now runs an annual event tech conference in New York City called techsytalk LIVE.

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bizbash logoBizBash is mostly a no-brainer for anyone in the events industry. More event planning industry media company than event planning blog, BizBash covers the most high profile of events.

One might say that for the everyday event planner BizBash counts as an aspirational resource. Regardless, it’s beneficial to stay abreast of the best and BizBash delivers. (Daily, in fact – if you sign up for their email newsletter. Which we recommend. Good morning coffee reading.)

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Laura McCulloch

lara mccullochGet some event marketing consulting of your own from one of the industry’s most highly regarded consultants. Lara McCulloch was instrumental in creating the #eventprof internet community and has been one of its most respected voices ever since.

Bring some real personality to your event planning business with the sensible tips in Laura’s event planning blog.

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Beyond the event planning blog


a savvy eventA Savvy Event’s event planning blog could basically be described as crack for wedding planners. If you’re looking to beef up your Pinterest boards with some of the finer things in event design – A Savvy Event has plenty to ogle.

Definitely a good lunchtime distraction – you’ll want to head here if you’re seeking inspiration for your next great invitation design or super creative ribbon usage.

Event Planning for Your Ears

grass shackGrass Shack Events and Media hosts an events and meetings podcast with commentary from industry leaders.

Most recently you’ll find in depth discussions with IMEX influencers that are sure to make for more thought-provoking commutes.


eventprofsHow do you stay up with the #eventprofs online community? You could search the hashtag and only see the most recent parts of the conversation – or you could go to and get a curated list of trending discussion items.

Doesn’t it feel great to be in the know?

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