It’s Event Planning Career Week (With Giveaways!)

Thanks for stopping by our booth at the (virtual) Guidebook Event Planning Career Fair! We’re so pleased you came. This is going to be an exciting week for us all as we act as your personal career counselors – shining light on the sometimes confusing twists and turns on an event planning career path. Of course, everyone’s path is different – but we’ll celebrate those differences and give you some actionable tips and tricks that will make you even more awesome at your job (or help you find an even better job)!

Meet Your Event Planning Career Fair Counselors

Your two counselors have looked at every job post, read every resume, and polled the masses so you don’t have to. Let Jordan and Anna tell you what they’ve learned.

jordan-event-planning-career-fair“The best thing about event planners is that they can do anything. Need to whip up some marketing copy? They’ve got you covered. Choosing a vendor? Show them the top 3 and they’ll do the rest. A/V emergency? They’re already there with a spare remote and some gaff tape.

But honestly, I love talking to and writing for event planners because they’re super-creative and self-reliant. I should know – I married one.”

anna-event-planning-career-fair“Attend our virtual career fair this week and you won’t be let down. We’re tweaking resumes and analyzing job descriptions. We want you to succeed, so we’ve done a bunch of market research to make sure you’re tailoring your experience to meet industry trends.

Event planning isn’t boring, so our career fair won’t be either. That’s a Guidebook Guarantee™.”

The Event Planning Career Fair That Pays You

For all this career boosting, you think you’d be paying premium price – but quite the opposite is true. As always, our resources will be forever-free for our event planning friends. And just because we appreciate our readership so much, we’re giving away a $360 gift card to one of you. That’s enough to buy a year’s worth of LinkedIn Premium.

event planning career money

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All you have to do to be eligible is subscribe to our blog. We’ll choose one lucky blog subscriber at the end of the week and send them the gift card. It’s that simple!

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See you at the fair! Good luck!


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